Spring prevention 躁 must first raise liver

Spring prevention “躁” must first raise liver

As the saying goes, “cauliflower yellow, madman busy”, when spring rape blossoms, it is a period of many mental illnesses that are easy to relapse.
During this period, all things are growing and growing, and people are more prone to irritability, impatience, and excitement. Therefore, in the spring, pay special attention to preventing “squatting.”
  Chinese medicine believes that spring “躁” is mainly related to liver activity.
Liver gas is generally relatively strong in the spring, and the human spirit will be relatively rejuvenated. From the state of being unable to stay at home in the winter, it will start to go out and become active.
Some people who are irritable and have a strong heart, or under pressure, are likely to follow the sudden rise of yang in the outside world, stimulating liver heat in the body, causing anxiety, upset, dissatisfaction, insomnia, temper and other anger.Performance.
  Spring “躁” should first raise the liver.
Chinese medicine says “resting to the liver and returning to the liver”, sleep is the premise of raising liver and blood, especially in this season, you should not stay up late, you should ensure adequate rest and adhere to regular life.
  In addition, I would like to introduce you to a set of trilogy, that is, understanding, accepting and managing, which is helpful for alleviating the negative emotions such as irritability, anxiety and anger in life.
Understand: Worry everyone has it, the key is how to deal with it.
When anxious and other emotions come, first of all, you should understand your current mood, perceive it, and then think about where this emotion comes from, because of what.
Accept: Then face your emotions.
Some people force themselves to endure when they are upset, or forget about it by doing something else.
This is actually not conducive to emotional combing, easily lead to liver discomfort.
The correct way is to accept emotions and not to reject the natural expression of the seven emotions.
Management: Finally, take an active approach to managing emotions.
When encountering irritability, anxiety and other emotions, on the one hand, you can adjust your stress by swimming, walking, playing, etc. On the other hand, you must learn to express, often talk to your confidant, family, or not, or use your diary to express yourself.Or go out and go out, go out in the natural environment, shout, sing, jump, and vent your irritability, and your emotions will naturally be peaceful.
  In addition, there must be more than enough, more than enough satisfaction, do not give yourself too much pressure, maintain peace of mind, harmonious interpersonal relationship, and also benefit the adjustment of mind.
  It is a long-term thing to adjust your health as a practice in life, but it still has a way to follow.
The above trilogy is the secret of health experts to keep happy, everyone can try.
  At the same time, the spring diet should be less sour and sweet, to prevent liver qi and too much, pay attention to the maintenance of the spleen and stomach.
You can often drink some red jujube yam porridge, the smell is sweet and delicious, and it has the effect of nourishing the liver and strengthening the spleen and calming the nerves.
People who are prosperous and irritated can also gently press or moxibustion at the back of the Datun, the interline, and the Taichong three acupuncture points, about 10 minutes a day, can clear the liver and diarrhea, clear eyes and soothe the nerves.