Please learn to let go of your fault.

Please learn to let go of your fault.

Austrian psychologist Adler is a fishing enthusiast.

Once, he found an interesting phenomenon: after the fish bite the hook, it usually struggles frantically because of the sting, the more struggling, the tighter the hook, the harder it is to break free.

Even if the fish that bite the hook succeeds in escaping, the hook will not fall out of the mouth, so it is not surprising to catch a fish with two hooks.

While we laughed at the stupidity of the fish, Adler proposed a similar psychological concept called “swallowing phenomenon.”

  Everyone has some mistakes and mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes and mistakes are like the hooks in life. Let us accidentally bite and deeply block the mind. After we are constantly struggling, it is difficult to cause this.A “fish hook”.

Maybe in the future we will be stumped by the same mistakes and mistakes, and the remains of the previous “fish hooks” remain in our hearts.

This kind of psychology is the “swallowing phenomenon.”

  The “swallowing phenomenon” makes it impossible for people to correctly and positively deal with mistakes, blame and attempt to cover up mistakes, resulting in indelible and repetitive scars.

We all have a “swallowing phenomenon”, but we are not willing to admit it.

  The “swallowing phenomenon” is the result of high nervousness and repeated episodes.

At this time, the individual has a psychological snoring that is unsuitable for life, and will activate the shadow buried deep in the subconscious to create fault.

Shadows are always manifested by negligence.

No matter what happens, sudden mistakes, from a psychological point of view, have its inevitability, spontaneity.

  Negligence, humiliation and loss can not be avoided 100% for us, but we should avoid these things to destroy and change human nature, which is also the purpose of avoiding mental illness.