Empty nest old man: Calling children often go home to see

Empty nest old man: Calling children often go home to see

Filled with a table of steaming meals, empty and empty empty rooms, the phone came one after another: “Mom, I work overtime today, I will not go to eat there.”

“Mom, today’s South-South parents’ meeting, we will go to your place to eat again tomorrow!”

“The old lady is full of joy and thinks that today’s birthday, the children will come to reunion, who knows that they have their own lives, even their mother’s birthday has been forgotten.

One’s birthday makes the old man feel lonely. When the public advertisement of the empty nest old man is eager to care for it, we should actually pay attention to our behavior. The empty nest is around us. We should also sample it.The hand of care.

  In many communities in our city, especially the older ones, there are many empty nesters living in the city. They have one person living, some are dependent on their husbands and their children, and most of their children have established independent families and lived their own lives.
The reporter visited several older communities. The quarterly director of the Yunpan Community Committee told reporters that there are about six elderly people living alone in the Yunpan community. Most of them are in their 80s and have no retirement wages. Children will send meals every day.

In addition to the elderly living alone, there are about 20 pairs of old couples who do not live with their children. Two of them are 90 years old. Their family members have invited the hourly workers to wash and cook for them on time.

Director Wang of Chang’an Community told reporters that there are about seven or eight elderly people living alone in their community, and about 15 pairs of old couples who do not live with their children.

  When there are more and more empty nesters, many social problems have also been placed in front of everyone: What should the empty nesters suddenly become sick?

After the empty nesters can’t take care of themselves, how should they live?

How can empty nesters overcome their inner loneliness?

  At this time, the love movement from the society appeared: in our city, the Chengxi Sub-district Office installed a rescue bell for the empty nest elderly, the party members paired with the empty nesters; the Dragon Boat Festival, the Double Ninth Festival and other festivals, many street offices willPut the holiday gift in the hands of the old man; Changan community also organizes the barbershop inside the community to come to the bar for free for the elderly. The empty nesters are smiling, but their hearts are still eager to get the love of their children.

Old people love to be busy, happy and reunion, and hope that their children often go home to see and become their biggest wish.

Therefore, children with independent families should pay more attention to the health and life of the old people. After all, they are old, and their ability to resist disease and their ability to live are not as good as before.

At the same time, it is time to go home and have a chat with your parents. I believe that the old people will feel more comfortable.

  A song “Let’s go home often” sang the voice of the elderly, unconsciously, “five.

A Labor Day is coming soon.

I hope that you and your wife and children will often go home to see their parents accompany them to have a reunion dinner and give the elderly some care and greetings.

I wish you a happy life!