Chen Xiu directly exploded,Hung up angrily。

Just hung up,The phone rang,Chen Xiu directly connected to Fury Road:“Pu your mother,I want Lao Tzu to surrender you,Daydreaming……”
“Chen Xiu,it’s me!”
Osheng’s voice came from the phone。
Chen Xiu is embarrassed,Sorry to say:“Osheng,I’m not scolding you!”
“I know。”
Ou Sheng said with a smile:“Mr. Ye has sent a private jet to pick you up in Xiangxi,Arrive in two hours,You go to Xiangxi Airport right now。”
“it is good,Specific things,I’ll talk to you again。”
“Ok,You be careful。I’m waiting for you in the magic city!”
814 Re-evolution
After Chen Xiu hung up O Sheng’s call,Guarding the side for more than an hour,Zhu Huiwei wakes up from the movement。
Zhu Huiwei stood up,Chen Xiu found out that he seemed different,But I can’t tell what is different。
Zhu Huiwei couldn’t help but be excited,Wave,A blue sword gas comes out,It directly splits a rock ten meters away into two。
Chen Xiu squinted,Very differently:“Refining stiff blood into lifespan and absorbing it can also make you real-qi state!”
“Do not……Is not!”
Zhu Huiwei saw seven or eight sword spirits again in succession,Knock down the surrounding trees one by one,Just explained:“The changes in my zombie’s body will not directly improve my innocence。
But now after I refine the Zhou family brother’s birthday,The body is infinitely close to the physical condition of the second-generation zombie,Many meridians and acupoints in my body began to loosen。