Light tea warm drink, can actually be the most healthy?


Light tea warm drink, can actually be the most healthy?

Drinking tea is now a very fashionable thing. Tea has the effect of health care for people. In the small weekend, it is a casual fashion for many people to invite friends to chat with tea.

But drinking tea, some people like to be strong, some people are happy, each has something good, it is difficult to achieve unity and this is also the focus of a healthy tea, because it will affect the health effect.

  Drinking tea, is it good to drink, or is it good to drink?

For this question, it depends on what angle you look at.

If you look at the problem from the perspective of fitness and health, then the answer is clear, of course, it is good to drink light tea (it is better to put about 3 grams of tea).

In the “Drinking Tea Pot” widely spread by Chinese folks, “the best tea for warm drinks in the light tea” and “the tea addiction to drinking tea” are prominent.

  There is no doubt that tea, like coffee and cocoa, has become one of the top three drinks in the world today.

Tea as a natural drink is favored by the world.

Tea not only contains tea polyphenols with anti-cancer effects, but also contains a small amount of caffeine that can refresh your mind.

  In addition, it contains trace elements that can break down greasy and help digestion.

Theophylline, which can increase coronary flow and strengthen the heart and diuresis, is also praised by the world.

In fact, tea is a popular health drink in the world.

  So why is drinking light tea good for people’s health?

According to modern medical research, it is mainly because the content of theophylline in the light tea is reduced. Although it breaks the mind and restores the body, it does not make people over-excited.

  However, the content of theophylline in the strong tea is relatively high, which may lead to over-concentration of excessive mental stress, and the disorder of the normal function of the nervous system may cause excessive gastric acid secretion, thereby causing gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer patients.Extremely unfavorable consequences.

  At least, drinking strong tea often, the acid in the tea may also combine with the protein in the food to form a fermented acid protein and solidify and precipitate, so as to affect appetite and digestion, severe constipation can occur.

In addition, because theophylline can also increase the body temperature of a person, a patient with a fever who drinks a strong tea will have a high fever.

  It is understood that 10% of tea-loving people, in the case of drinking 2-3 cups of strong tea every day, will have nervousness, suspicion and shortness of breath.

Caffeine in tea has the disadvantage of being addictive, and it can improve people’s drinking more and more, which will damage people’s health.