Fan Bingbing’s seven coups insulated with edema

Fan Bingbing’s seven coups “insulated” with edema

For the understanding of the stars, the outsiders are just a layman, but some of them are still familiar with them, especially Fan Bingbing, she is a myth in the entertainment circle, her acting career has been in a rapid development stage, butIn each of her plays, there will be amazing places, and the body of ice and ice is the focus of every play. Many people are envious of the figure that the star has. In fact, you can, maybe you don’t haveFind out how to lose weight and slim down, then let’s take a look at the ice-speed method of weight loss!
  Fan Bingbing 7 big coups, “insulation” with edema 1, light diet, “low” guidelines Greasy, heavy taste food will definitely make you edema.
Therefore, from now on, remember to eat low-salt, low-sugar, low-oil foods. All kinds of red sauce and pickled foods, fried foods, and sugary drinks should be eaten as little as possible.
When cooking, replacing soy oil and vegetable oil with olive oil can also effectively reduce the chance of edema.
  2、 调整饮食结构,多食排水利尿食物  多摄取一些帮助排水利尿的食物如薏仁水、红豆(红豆博客,红豆新闻,红豆说吧)、冬瓜、西瓜、菠菜等对消除身体水肿非常有效,能Promote metabolism and circulation through internal circulation to relieve edema.
  3, 1 Get up early to do 20 minutes of yoga to help gastrointestinal motility. Appropriate exercise helps the body’s own metabolism and circulation.
For busy women in the workplace, simply use the morning to get up in bed or on the floor to do simple stretching and yoga exercises, focus on deep breathing in the abdomen, until a slight sweat, can promote gastrointestinal motility, remove toxins from the body, the body naturally becomes relaxed.
  4. Regular and healthy work and rest system The system of staying up late, sleeping late or irregular work hinders the metabolism and circulation of the body itself, so that the excess water and old waste can not be excreted regularly.
From 10:00 pm to 2 am, it is the best detoxification time for the human body.
Forming a regular routine can ensure the body’s ability to eliminate edema.
  5, drink green tea to lose weight The biggest disadvantage of eating food is that the food is too oily.
For the dinner that you have to go to, remember to drink some green tea immediately after eating, replenish the greasy oil at the same time, search for grease, avoid greasy and heavy taste and cause swelling.
  6、 海盐SPA,改善下半身水肿  近年来风靡全球的芳香海盐SPA利用海盐所蕴含的天然微量元素和植物精油来代谢体内多余水分,帮助角质细胞更新,从而改善腿部、臀部和脚部的水肿,增强肌肤  7、运动+饮食水肿一天天远离  对于不是由过度肥胖和病理原因所造成的水肿,只要改善饮食结构,并多加锻炼,很快就能得到改善。You can also have a light body by following the following swelling rules and points.
  The above seven methods of weight loss are the key points in the star weight loss method, and the key to Fan Bingbing’s use to build his own body. Then he is still admiring the star figure, constantly sighing his poor body, or hurry to see theseEffective weight loss method, I believe I can help you!