Wang Wujin blinked twice and said:“This is easy,I’ll drag someone and ask,I don’t know anything“Wang Wujin’s thinking is too simple。

“Do not,They must see the list of records shipped today,Someone signed,And there are dates,It’s best to have Fengyuan Mining on it”Xia Jian has never seen this stuff,He had to rely on instinct,Think little by little。
Wang Wujin is dumb,It took a long time to say:“This is a bit difficult”
“No difficulty can i come to you?If you can give us this thing before four o’clock,People said,Give you this number”Xia Jian said,I stretched my index finger and shook it,This fish,Seems not to be expected,He won’t be hooked。
“what?A thousand!My darling,This is my salary for three months”Wang Wujin opened his mouth in surprise。
“To do,Move quickly,There are a lot of people here,Don’t blame the brothers for being too late”Xia Jiancheng hot iron。
Wang Wujin can’t squat anymore,He stood up,Eyes are fierce,Hateful:“Big deal, I take the money back home,Half past four,See you in which men’s toilet to the east”
Watching Wang Wujin’s back,Xia Jian’s hanging heart only let go of half,I don’t know this guy who loves money like life,Whether they can get what they want。
Finance Office,Everyone is still busy,When I saw Xia Jian coming in,Wang Lin and Jin Yimei surrounded first。
“How about Mr. Xia?”Jin Yimei looked forward to。
Xia Jian lowered his voice,Tell them something like this,Wang Lin’s frown stretched out,She whispered:“This matter is inseparable,Should be able to handle,The price you paid is really attractive”
“OK!Then we will adjust our audit thinking,If this happens,Tonight we will go back overnight,If it fails,Then be prepared for a protracted battle,It will take three to five days”Jin Yimei finished,Immediately invested in the audit again。
Wang Lin called Zhou Li over,Confessed a few words softly,Zhou Li said nothing,From the small bag on the table,Took a few hundred yuan bills and stuffed them into Xia Jian’s hands,She is afraid that Lao Meng’s group will see。
Xia Jian sitting on the sofa at the door,Eyes closed,Waiting for time to pass slowly,This kind of pain。
Just one to four o’clock,Xia Jian greeted Zhang Sangui,The two walked quickly downstairs。
This men’s bathroom Wang Wujin said,Next to the staff dormitory,Now this time,It’s work time,So the toilet is empty,Xia Jiangang stepped in。
Wang Wujin is like a ghost,Suddenly appeared,Where did this guy already squat?。
“How about brother five?“Xia Jian glanced at Wang Wujin, who was sweating profusely。
Wang Wujin’s eyes from the inside of the toilet,Sweep out of the toilet,Suddenly asked:“Who is standing at the door?“
“Own person,Watch us“Xia Jian did not expect,Wang Wujin is so alert。