Secrets of common psychological problems in life

Secrets of common psychological problems in life

We often encounter many psychological problems, and the term mental health is also often heard in our lives. It has transformed the level of social development. People’s attention to health has been physically improved and has risen toThe psychological level has gone.

  Everyone is more concerned about this type of health, so how much do you know about your mental health?

What kind of mentality is healthy, and some kind of mentality is unhealthy. Do you understand?

Do you know which psychological problems you have in your usual psychological problems?

Today, Xiaobian introduces several types of psychology to you: psychological troubles and psychological troubles refer to major or lasting psychological stimuli, or accompanied by bad education and cultural background, leading to temporary emotional troubles, but they can identify and adjustPeople around may not find or find out that they can fully understand and provide effective help.

  Generally, it does not continue to affect social functions and does not affect others, including all kinds of normal emotional troubles such as natural disasters and man-made disasters in daily life, and death and death. If there is no irritating social factors, there will be no emotional troubles.

This kind of psychological trouble caused by social factors is effective, and the damage is completely reversible, generally relieved within a week.

  However, if it is not properly handled, it may form a continuous psychological problem. This type is the best choice for psychological counseling. It is generally not treated with drugs. Even if it is needed, it is short-lived. Of course, if there is a good social support system, it may not be

  Psychological problems Psychological problems refer to certain personality deviations caused by bad education or cultural background. They may be induced by certain psychological stimulation factors. Temporary or partial emotional problems may occur. They may be identified but difficult to overcome. They must be adjusted by others or psychologists.People may find but find that they can only be partially understood, and normal people will not have similar problems if they are in the same environment.

  If there are no irritating social factors, it may not be a problem immediately, but it may still appear in the future.

In the local mildly affecting social function, does not affect others, the central nervous system may be functionally abnormal, the treatment effect is better, the damage is reversible, generally relieved within half a year, there may be residual symptoms left over for a long time, this type is psychotherapyThe main choice, if combined with drug treatment is also an aid.

  Mental disorder psychological barrier refers to the obvious personality deviation, accompanied by some mild psychological stimulation factors, the emergence of long-lasting, penetrating emotional barriers, which can be identified but can not be overcome, so active help, ordinary people are difficult to provide help, generallyNeed a psychiatrist to adjust.

People around you can often find the same but difficult to understand, normal people will not have similar problems in the same situation.

If there are no irritating social factors, there may be emotional annoyances.

Partially affecting their own social function, generally does not affect other people, there are central nervous system neurotransmitter disorders, the treatment effect is acceptable, some damage may be irreversible, but to a lesser extent, this type can be called neurosis, drug treatment and psychologyTreatment is equally important.

  Mental illness Mental illness refers to the obvious biological factors, the obstacles of psychological processes such as cognition, emotion and will behavior, the inconsistency of mental activities and the environment, the impact is serious, extensive and long-lasting, and the patients themselves cannot identify and regulate themselves.Refusing treatment seriously affects social function and affects others.

Ordinary people can easily identify this anomaly, but non-professional help may be ineffective or even harmful.

  In sociology, psychological factors are not primary, and are closely related to genetic variation, neurobiochemistry, and brain structural abnormalities.

The treatment effect is acceptable under social intervention. The damage is basically irreversible. Long-term treatment and social monitoring are needed. Drug treatment is the main one. Psychotherapy and social support are effective during the rehabilitation period. This type is generally called mental illness.