10 cooking methods for medicated foods

10 cooking methods for medicated foods

Stewed by the cooking method of medicated food: there is a mixture of stewed water and stewed without water.

Water-proof stew is to add soup and material seal, put the container into the pot, and simmer for 3 hours. Do not boil the water for direct boiling, simmer the foam, and then simmer until simmer.

熬: First add the base oil to the pot and heat it. Add the main ingredient and stir fry, add the soup and seasoning, and then simmer with simmer.

烩: A soup dish prepared by mixing various ingredients with soup and seasoning.

汆: Boil the soup and water with a smoldering fire, and drop the medicinal materials and foodstuffs.

焖: First put oil in the pot, add food and medicine at the same time, fry into semi-finished products, add ginger, onion, pepper, soup and condiments, cover the lid, and smash with simmer.

Burning: Add the raw materials to the pot with a small amount of oil, add seasoning and stir-fry, stir-fry, add the seasoning and soup (or water) after the color is deepened, and then burn it with a simmer.

Steaming: It is a method of mixing food and medicine, then putting it into a bowl and heating it with steam.

Cooking: Put the raw materials into the pot, add the appropriate amount of soup or water, first boil them with a fire, and then cook them.

Halogen: First adjust the white halogen or red halogen, then process the raw materials, put them into the marinade, and boil them with simmer, so that the marinated juice is soaked.

Deep-fried: Burn the oil to the seven or eight matures with the fire, then put the raw materials into the pot, pay attention to flipping, prevent overheating and burning, usually fry until orange.