How does the rainy season save?

Focus on Amway rheumatism patients

How does the rainy season save?
Focus on Amway rheumatism patients

The family’s moisture-proof valley rain indicates the arrival of the rainy season. At this time, the amount of air and water is large, so families or individuals should pay attention to moisture.

Especially for patients with rheumatism, pay more attention and be careful.

Avoid the cold. Although the rainy season is over, the summer will arrive. However, there are still carbonization temperatures, especially the temperature difference penetration in the morning and evening.

Therefore, when going out in the morning and at night, keep warm and bring a little thicker clothes.

Prevent allergies At this time, a large number of flowers have been opened, and people who are allergic to pollen or have respiratory infections, as well as symptoms such as pharyngitis should also pay attention to avoid allergies, reduce going out, or make masks go out.

Eat wet food because of the tide-proof days, so in the usual diet, we must increase the intake of damp substances.

Recommended for everyone is a soup made of mushrooms, tofu or old duck. This kind of food is drunk and has the effect of dampness and perspiration.

During this period of the season, people are sleepy, but the digestive function of the human body is the most prosperous time in the four seasons. Therefore, everyone needs food tonic. The recommended foods are mostly fish, which can achieve the function of brain and complement.

When the gentle sports valley rains, you need to do some gentle exercise.

Moderate exercise will also be divided.

Under normal circumstances, the emphasis on health is the elderly, the recommended sports are jogging, climbing the hills, playing badminton and so on.

Strict prevention of illness In this season, there are often facial pains, especially the trigeminal zone.

The neuralgia that occurs with this fork is called trigeminal neuralgia.

It is also possible that facial paralysis occurs at this time.

Therefore, avoid blowing in the wind, especially when sweating.

The fun puzzle In this season, the human body is quite active, so no matter what age group, it is suitable for some fun activities to promote the development of intelligence.

Good mood, good environment, and rich fun and fun.