Scientific practice Taiji

Scientific practice Taiji

Tai Chi, a seemingly soft and soothing exercise, must also be scientific in practice. If it is not practiced, it will cause pain.

Li Chunhai, 65, worked in the Tianjin Chemical Plant before retiring. He said that he had pleurisy, stomach problems, etc., and he was hospitalized every year.

  After practicing Tai Chi, I have not been to the hospital for more than 20 years.

Although Tai Chi has such a good physical fitness effect, if the amount of exercise is not well controlled, or if training is added to participate in the competition, his will be painful.

  According to Wang Yulong, deputy director of the Wushu Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, the complication of complications is a phenomenon that often occurs in practicing Tai Chi, which is related to the movement of the movement in a semi-squatting posture and overload.

It is necessary to remind the majority of Tai Chi Chuan enthusiasts to practice Tai Chi and also to be scientific.

  Some enthusiasts often practice for a few hours, and practice all the routines they have, resulting in pain.

Mass fitness is not competitive sports. In fact, it is not necessary to “higher, rebuild, and stronger”. It is necessary to pay attention to mastering the essentials of scientific training, and this is a common shortcoming of traditional martial arts masters.

  To avoid complications in Taiji training, one must pre-step the step of fitness, the amount of exercise should be gradually increased; the second is to master the correct Taiji technical movements, the posture of the knees, the position of the forward tilt must not exceed the toes.

  As long as the heartbeat is not mad after the Tai Chi exercise, there is a sense of comfort and refreshment, that is to achieve the purpose.

If you feel tired, you should stop it, or increase the rest time between the routines.

In traditional Tai Chi practice, there is a lack of scientific monitoring methods, and some of the most commonly used pulse and blood pressure tests should be simple and effective.