Yoga ball for the crowd

Yoga ball for the crowd

Because there are many types of yoga, some friends who practice yoga may not be familiar with yoga balls. It is also a useful thing in yoga practice. Do you know how to choose a yoga ball that suits you?

Below, we will introduce to you the choice of yoga ball.

  First of all, let’s work with you to understand what are the benefits of losing weight with a yoga ball.

Did you know that practicing yoga on the ball can bring us some benefits?

  Benefits of practicing yoga ball1, because the stress is soft and relatively safe, yoga ball exercise is relatively safe, even the back has been injured, people who need rehabilitation can also practice, can avoid excessive impact on the joints, it willToo easy.

  2. Yoga ball is an “unstable” sports equipment. When you overcome the yoga ball and leave the ground, you must try to maintain balance, not let the ball roll, or let yourself fall off the ball. This requires legs, waist,Comprehensive strength control of the abdomen, which can well maintain the coordination and muscle strength of the body.

  3. By continuously contacting the body with the sphere, our body will get a certain massage, which will be more conducive to our blood circulation, and persistent practice will effectively improve our skin quality.

  4. The instability of the yoga ball requires us to adjust our body from time to time, so that our body posture is constantly changed, thereby consuming more energy.

  These small movements can promote blood circulation, strengthen the back and abdomen strength, let you involuntarily sit upright, open the top, and correct your long wrong sitting posture.

  The choice of yoga ball sizes are 45 cm, 55 cm, 65 cm, 75 cm in diameter. If you are a petite lady, you can choose a 45 cm or 55 cm yoga ball.The ball is more suitable for tall men.

  In addition to the above requirements, abrasion resistance is also an important element in choosing a yoga ball.

A good quality yoga ball will be stronger, more abrasion resistant, and very elastic.

Can be used for a long time.

  What is the suitable crowd for yoga ball?

Can everyone practice yoga balls?

Here we take a look!

  The weight of an average yoga ball is affordable, because we don’t put all the weight on the yoga ball when we exercise.

  It only carries a part of the weight. Our body and the ball have a confrontational strength. While the yoga ball allows us to relax and sink, our body will also have its own strength upwards, while tightening the muscles to wrap the boneProtect our bodies.

  Cleaning the Yoga Ball When cleaning the yoga ball, wash the surface of the ball with water or soapy water. Do not use chemical solvents, it will damage the surface of the ball.

For the comfort and health of the practitioner, the ball should be cleaned regularly, because the surface of the ball is often in contact with the floor, and there will be a lot of bacteria.

  In order to extend the life of the ball, keep the floor of the room clean and remove sharp objects.

  Yoga ball storage Due to the shape and model of the yoga ball, its storage has become a problem for many gyms.

Currently, different types of storage racks can hold yoga balls.

  In addition, there are some balls with spheres with support points. These are three-inch long thumb thick inflatable polyethylene conjugates. With these support points, yoga balls can be stacked up to the height of three balls.

  Another way is to buy a net and place the yoga ball in the net.

  The best way is to install a pole balanced on the wall about 40cm away from the wall at a height that can be reached by the hands of the gym, so that the yoga ball will not occupy the venue.

  Pay attention to the cleansing, maintenance and storage of yoga balls, which can not only prolong the replacement of yoga balls, but also make us lose weight healthily and not be easily infected with skin diseases!

So everyone must take cleaning, maintenance and storage of yoga balls seriously!

  How to practice yoga on the ball1, basic style-put the yoga ball on the ground with thin legs, sit on the ball with both hands holding the yoga ball, put your feet apart and shoulder width on the front side of the ball, the big legs are 90 degrees, and the upper body is keptupright.

  After sitting firmly, bend your hands, put your fists on your side, and start to bounce the yoga ball up and down regularly. The amplitude can be slightly larger, so that your feet are off the ground, and your hands naturally follow the rhythm of the bounce.

Bounce continuously for 5 minutes. Do not bend or bow back during the whole process.

  2. Jack jump-thin thighs sitting on the yoga ball, hands on the ball to support the body, the upper body is straight.

Flick the yoga ball, insert your feet into the sphere to separate and recombine, then close it, repeat 3 times, stand up and lift your left hand, do body-side exercise to the right, and then put your right hand on the ball.

  Sit down again and repeat the bouncing exercise to the left to do body-side exercise.

The entire set of actions is repeated 5 times.

  3. Bridge type-Slimmingly hold the two yoga balls with both hands, slowly lean the shoulders on the ball, adjust the distance so that the legs and legs are 90 degrees.

  When the preparations are done, leave your hands on the sphere, folded your hands together, and straighten to the ceiling.

Roll slowly at the top, twist your body to the right, keep your left shoulder off the sphere, and twist to the left.Repeat the action 15 times.

  4, pinwheel style-thin belly sitting on a yoga ball, holding the ball with both hands, bending the right leg at 90 degrees, the left leg leaning back to form a side lunge.

After stabilizing the body, leave your hands off the sphere, put your right hand on the ground to support the body, raise your left hand upwards, raise your head, and look at the tip of your left finger.

  After holding the action for 3 seconds, return to the initial action, and change sides.

Repeat the action 15 times.
  I hope the above sharing will be helpful to friends who love yoga.