Why is blood lipids easily injured after the holiday?

Why is blood lipids easily “injured” after the holiday?

The Spring Festival holiday has passed away, and many people have returned to their homes after the festival.
It is not surprising that during the Spring Festival holiday, reunion with friends and family, every day delicious food and food are mixed up, unconsciously, there is a lot of meat on the body, and even more terrible is that blood lipids are also “injured”, and the land has been soaring.
  During the Spring Festival, big fish and big meat, high blood pressure and high blood fat frequently occur.
Some people who usually feel good in their physical condition, during the Spring Festival, due to intemperance, irregular living, eating out of control, overeating, causing disorder of the body’s immune function, causing physical damage, some people may have felt it in these days.It is comfortable; some people may not have obvious discomfort in their bodies. When they donate blood, they find that they are already ill.
  The damage to the body caused by hyperlipidemia is occult, progressive, progressive and systemic.
The vital organs of the whole body depend on the arteries for blood supply and oxygen supply. Once the arteries are blocked by atherosclerotic plaques, serious consequences will result.
  After the holiday, “deoiling” starts from diet and exercise. High blood lipids mean high cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. If it is allowed to develop, it is easy to cause cardiovascular disease. How do the two indicators of cholesterol and triglycerides go up?
Of course it is eaten up!
  If you are not experiencing metabolic abnormalities or high levels of blood lipids and do not need medication, the most basic and effective way is to control your diet and consume fat through exercise.
Diet + exercise is the most effective and effective for lipid lowering.
  The first step in controlling your diet is to reduce your fat intake.
Animal fat such as lard, fat pork, butter, fat sheep, and fat cattle, as well as dried fat containing more fat such as peanuts and melon seeds must be reduced.
The second is to limit the intake of cholesterol, eat less and even eat food such as animal offal, egg yolk, caviar, squid and other foods, and appropriately reduce the intake of carbohydrates, such as not eating too much sugar and sweets, because sugar can be converted into glycerolester.
  The last is exercise. High blood lipids are nothing but high intake and low consumption. Exercise is the best way to increase consumption.
However, exercise needs to be noted that it should be moderately strong, because too intense exercise consumes the sugar in the muscles, and because of the lack of sufficient oxygen, more lactic acid is produced, and the limbs are sore and the effect is not good.
Medium-intensity exercise consumes the most fat, paying attention to duration, at least half an hour a day.