[Can you drink yogurt after drinking]_Yogurt_Drinking_Can you drink

[Can you drink yogurt after drinking]_Yogurt_Drinking_Can you drink

After drinking, you must be very particular about eating, you must eat foods that are good for hangovers, you can drink yogurt, and the hangover effect of yoghurt is very good, but more and more people should not rely on yogurt hangovers, lessDrinking is the best policy.

First, drinking yoghurt can have a hangover effect to a certain extent. Yogurt probiotics can effectively inhibit alcohol, so yoghurt is very good after drinking, but you can’t just rely on drinking yoghurt to solve the problem of drunkenness. CertainlyTo reduce or eliminate drinking.

Second, when you are drunk but not drunk, you can find some milk to hang out. This is an effective and cheap way.

Drinking yogurt can protect your stomach. Yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria, which can reduce the activity of enzymes, so as to achieve a sober effect.

Third, drink and pay attention to the stomach and liver, liver protection is particularly important, many people will choose to benefit the liver and stomach, yogurt is recommended to drink before drinking, can prevent the role of gastric mucosa, it is best to drink milk before drinking, you can drink milk yogurtThe best way to protect your stomach is to drink plenty of water after drinking alcohol.

Fourth, the benefits of drinking yoghurt after drinking 1, to prevent drinking irritability After drinking too much alcohol, it is easy for the body to get irritable. This is caused by the increase in alcohol content in the blood. Drinking a drink after drinking can delay alcohol absorption., Can neutralize alcohol and calcium-rich yogurt, can reduce the amount of alcohol in the blood, alleviate the symptoms of alcoholic irritability.

2. Protect the stomach and mucous membranes from drinking. The damage to the stomach and intestines is huge. Many people drink too much and drink gastric perforation. Drinking yogurt after drinking has a certain protective effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa. The lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can neutralize alcohol and produce an esterification reaction., Can reduce the stimulation of alcohol on the stomach and protect the gastrointestinal mucosa.

3. Protecting the liver The damage to the liver from drinking alcohol is huge. Many people have alcoholic liver. Long-term drinking will bring a burden on liver metabolism. Drink yogurt after drinking. The probiotics in yogurt can reduce the enzymes that cause liver damage in the liver.s level.

So reduce the harm that alcohol brings to the liver.