But Qiao Tianyu vaguely felt,Things may not be as simple as they thought,Maybe a storm is already on its way.

as expected,God made a big joke with the clever Qiao Tianyu,This time he guessed it again。
That night,Tired of body and mind, Qiao Tianyu really doesn’t care about anything else,Eat something casually, tilt your head early and go to sleep,It didn’t take long before I slept,I was suddenly awakened by a rapid ringing of the phone,It’s Palizovsky’s call。
Qiao Tianyu answered the phone in a daze,Unexpectedly, Palizovsky’s irritating voice soon came from the other end of the phone.。
“Brother Joe,problem occurs!The international wire transfer business of Union Bank of Siberia was suddenly blocked!”
Qiao Tianyu didn’t take it seriously at first,Your bank’s international wire transfer business is blocked,You go to the Russian Foreign Exchange Administration,Don’t care about Qiao Tianyu?!
“Is not,Brother Joe,I have already contacted the Russian Foreign Exchange Administration,They said it was not their cause,They just received a joint statement from the major cross-border banks in Europe,All European banks suspend cross-border business transactions with Union Bank of Siberia!”Palizovsky said anxiously。
“what?”Hear here,Qiao Tianyu suddenly sat up from the bed,I immediately realized that it was not good。
All European banks suspend cross-border business transactions with Union Bank of Siberia?
Can still have this kind of show operation?
What sacred did you Palizovsky provoke?,Let the whole of Europe block your bank?
Palizovsky cried out in mourning,He said that since being investigated by the National Property Commission some time ago,He has been a man with his tail tucked in,Nodding and bowing when you meet,How could offend people?
Moreover,All of Europe at the same time banned the Union Bank of Siberia,What kind of big man is this offending,So that the whole of Europe will target him in unison.