Look at,Most of the swords are not coming out.,And rare traces,Only the body is coming out of the body.,Obviously“Master”,Almost no chance,I have been killed!

Only a few people,Because she hides,Or escape in the opposite direction,This will keep a small life。
Liu Sheng’s drift and continues to recover backwards,Obviously she ran from the back door.,And the female magic has been chasing her,This is not important.。
Chu Deirers did not understand other people.,Only follow……
Out of the back door,Two Sanlishan Road,I heard the fight!
“Moon,Catch!”Chu Deirers shouted。
But it is still a step later.,The two rushed out of the forest path,When I came to the cliff,I saw a few wounds.,Last Liu Sheng, who is flowing everywhere, but Malaysia,Wrapped in a hypermathell,I put the cliff……
“European!”Liu Sheng is crying。
This sound,She has been practiced before,Just didn’t think,It shouted out in this case.。
And at this time, Xiaoguang people gradually recovered human form.,Wrinkled with brows,Dress on the cliff、Cry and look down,Like you want to find Liu Shengwei drifting that person。
After the twist, see the Chu Deirers asked:“Chuiro,What did you just call??”
《Ming Yucheng》Extremely strong,Especially after the eighth floor,but……After the eighth floor turned into,Perceived distance will be compressed,Or it will focus on the body,As a result,Even the true gas flow of the opponent can“listen”arrive。
It is precisely because of the concentration of nearby,Didn’t you listen to the deer?……
Chu Deiren helpless sigh,At the same time, there is some doubts in my heart.——Say, Liu Sheng, but the horse must be dead.,Online,Life got eight points,And in that case,It is impossible to get a refreshing,So fell so,There are not enough life.。
only……This scene in front of you,Let Chu Deirers are familiar with,If there is an arrangement in advance,Maybe you can live。
Although I want to know,Liu Sheng but horse“Arrange”,It is definitely not for the situation,But it’s all the cliff is not?
at this time,Pity star suddenly,Look at the cliff,It seems to find what,Also revealed,The Chu Deiren saw a random to stop her.,And more than one“Scream”Gesture。
Reaction from pity,It is possible to guess the cliff, there is a fraud.。
But I looked at Liu Shengwei, who was crying.,Chu Deirers feel……Can be observed,And use it!
This is familiar……
If Liu Sheng is really a spy of God,The Chu Deiren has a chance,Ability to make some errors,Passing to God,Let him lose his heart to yourself,When you are just a“Very annoying guy”!
certainly,The premise is Liu Sheng, but the horse is really alive.——Otherwise, Liu Sheng is afraid that it is not a thought.。
Although I don’t know what Chu Deirers want to do.,But a little bit of the pity,At this time, I also silently adapt to the stop of Chu Deirers.,There is no sound……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 552 conspiracy
Liu Sheng but horsevsPity……
If it is fifteen years ago,Maybe Liu Sheng, but Malays, can also be opened at the age of 5,But this fifteen years,Pity’s entry is much higher than him.!
Today’s Dajiang Lake,If you say Zhang Zhen、Mysterious Buddha Master,These two big gates,Is the question of the first echelon,Invitation of the month、Eastern is unbeaten、Qiao Feng、Chu Deirers’ teacher, etc.,The second echelon,Invitation of the moon、Eastern is unbeaten,Undoubtedly, the second echelon is also the forefront.,Qiaofeng fluctuations are relatively large。
The third echelon,Can you have a number of pity,At least the top of the third echelon,Or is not at the end of the second echelon……
Chu Deman、Murong Jiuzhi,Also the waist of the third echelon,And count to Liu Sheng but horse,That is the fourth ladder head、Or the tail of the third echelon!
Murongjiu,Liu Sheng, but the horse is still a chance of life,But meet the pity star,It is really difficult。
From previous battle traces can also be seen,Liu Sheng, but the horse is the way all the way.,And the pity star is not only awkward, but the horse is,Can even be a master of other Dongpu,Also waved to solve。
after all“Shine”This kind of work,It is also good at siege,So the pity star heard that this person should coerce、Tie yourself,When going to his old nest,talent“honestly”Follow。