“it is good!That Kiki, you will come over Saturday and change your father and a day.,OK?”

Lu Haozheng knows her worry,I am worried about my mother in my heart.。
Eat sleep every day,These are all in their hearts.,But as long as the blue is awake,The biggest comfort。
Lu Hao Cheng let the driver send her daughter back,I read a story for Blue Xin.。
Seeing Lin Demon is coming back.,Gu Anan left,He relieved。
He played Lin Ye’s mobile phone。
“Lin Ye,Pass people track Gu Ai’an,See what kind of person she recently,Be sure to carefully observe her。”
Lin Ye:“OK,Continental,Just said the secretary of the European secretary also called me.,Let me closely monitor Gu An’an’s one。”
“Did the scene?”
Lin Ye:“Yes,Continental,According to the results of our investigation,This thing and Lu Haokai do not seem to have multiple relationships,Shares held in his hand,He is not worthy of shares in our grandmother.,Lu Haokai’s suspect can be excluded。”
Lu Haozheng slightly eyebrows,The bottom is drawn by a cold icy,So,Gu An’an is the biggest suspect。
“Um!Survey the results as soon as possible,As long as there is evidence,You can send Gu Anan to go in.。”
Lu Haocheng hangs after the phone,Watch out,If it is not Qi’s words,He has not doubted Gu An’an.。
Gu Anan he knows,No such courage。
But Money Temptation,Enable people’s ambition,Gudding will also expand。
The most innocent people are Gu Shamei。
She is a good idea,Sin of this crime。
Le Yu is resting today,Blue Xin after something,She has not had a thought work,When she has time, she will come to the hospital to see Blue Xin.。
She has just arrived outside the ward of Blue Xin.,I met Wu Yu pushed Mu Ziyi to here.。
The two will encounter such unexpectedly,Note quietly locked each other,Both suppress your own excitement。
Mu Ziqi did not think,Will you encounter Lele。
Today is not weekend,Attitude with her work,This time doesn’t appear here.。
But she appeared here。
She is still like a dazzling,It’s just a bad face.。
Her and Blue Xin,Just like a sister,She must also be very worried about Blue Xin。
Le Yu looks at Mu Zi Yu’s more than hesome,The intensity of sharp pain,Don’t he eat??
How is it more thin??
The two will look at each other quietly.,Some inhibitory atmosphere。