initial,Array derivation finger gun,One move bombardment kill,Even if the three forces are combined in one, it takes seven or eight moves to kill an emperor-level resentful spirit。

And if the five emperors gather together,Even commanding an army of thousands of resentful spirits,Interfere with each other,Li Ming can even kill one with more than 20 tricks,Seventeen or eight moves to kill the second one,Thirteen four moves to kill the third head。
And over time,Li Ming’s fighting style is slowly changing。
initial,Reborn as Li Ming in this life,Good at stars,Good at formation。
Tianxian to ancestors,He is actually quite good at formation,Stepping into the world。
But with the perfection of the unity of mind and force,And the use of the power of the blue and white mist,The general formation is not applicable。
After all, the formation can also be used for marksmanship and other moves,The classic formation method is a bit slack。
Not that Li Ming is not good at formation,It means that he is more inclined to transform the formation into other directions in the application.。
But Dharmakaya and Suimeng Daojun、Battle of the Ugly King,Cast a burst,But he has a little grasp of the style of fighting with formations。
“Mysterious changes,It’s best to use the formation,Power can be maximized!”
A trace of confidence flashed in Li Ming’s eyes。
“Vientiane,Wan Zhen free!”
Tap,Mana surge,A heavy array method emerges。
Every big array,Everything contains profound mystery。
A god-defying Daojun-level wraith spirit turned into fragments under the sweep of the purple thunder dragon。
A group of edge-level resentful spirits of Hedao turned into ice statues in the glacier formation。
Invisible force sweep,Form strong gravitational fluctuations,The two emperor-level wraiths just paused,However, a large number of resentful spirits around them were completely torn apart。