Agricultural Bank Chongqing Branch has more measures to promote the development of the Chongqing facade industry

  People’s Network Chongqing on September 23 to help Chongqing’s small face to make a strong market, make a brand, in the past few days, ABC Chongqing branch is responsible for the relevant farmer’s market, business ownership, continues to do a deep personal credit, farmers loan Docking, continuously meeting the financing needs of the main business mains in the market, and supports the development of all aspects of Chongqing’s facade industrial chain. The line will strengthen payment and settlement cooperation, on the line with "Shang E pay" "integrated cashier" and other products, solve the problem of payment, margin, deposit, and franchise and other payment issues. Underline, fully exert the intensity of aggregate payment and listing service, experience friendship, etc., providing a liquidation service for merchants and consumers.

  Specifically, the line is facing Chongqing Mado Business Subject to use agricultural behavior merchants to specifically customize the payment acceptance system, with the listing product system, provide hierarchical classification, online payment acceptance services; for the roadside small stall owner, Introduced agricultural bank polymeric code scanning code + cloud speaker, polymeric code scan code + dynamic scanning box; for stores with a certain size, promote its use of intelligent POS + catering management system, cash register + catering management system; for brand well-known chain stores, It uses cloud payment + merchant system, scan code order payment + merchant system, APP payment + merchant system and other payment acceptance modes. The bank continues to improve service functions, build smart service scenes, providing online payment services and payment center services for Chongqing face management, providing ABC’s smart business district, smart party fees, smart cafeteria, etc. Serve.

At the same time, strengthen support for the support platform on Chongqing’s face raw material line, providing funds two-way guarantees, agricultural product warehouse financing and other products, expands rich platform settlement, financing function, and promoting "traditional online market trading" to "online platform Transaction "migration, effectively reduce the intermediate transaction link, reduce the cost of industrial chain processing and production enterprises, and the cost of raw materials for small business people, and improve the competitive advantage of industrial chain. In addition, the NAS Chongqing Branch also actively supports the development of Chongqing’s small sales links, docking different types of financing, and helps activate the consumer terminal market.

For Chongqing facial operating merchants, based on settlement, meet small financing needs; for eligible Chongqing facial business merchants, the bank’s innovation is based on credit models that operate the water-based, providing "personal business credit loans – settlement E loan" "Small E-loan" product financing support; for branders, through various forms of financial support, help their transformation and upgrading; Chongqing, small-sided business merchants, small micro enterprises, franchise stores, etc. Distribution loan products such as support loans, "Hui Nong E Loan", provide a relatively higher credit support to it, accelerate market cultivation. (Hu Hong, Li Jin, Pan Yulin) (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.