[Common wild fruits on the southern mountain]_has some_ some is

[Common wild fruits on the southern mountain]_has some_ some is

Nowadays, the differences between North and South are obvious.

There are differences in culture and customs.

Of course, it is also different in terms of area, so it means that the north and south are different in food. As a northerner, some foods I know in the north are very different from those in the south. Of course, the wild fruits on the mountain are naturally not the same.the same.

For example, there are mulberries and sea buckthorn on the mountains in the north.

The types of wild fruits in the south are as follows:

Chinan, after eating myrtle, it also matures, not only in the mountains, but also on the rocks next to the river. After eating, the mouth will become very black, and the child will have a bit of tongue than one after eating.Even darker, take it home and feed it to my sister.


Jin Yingzi, it ‘s more troublesome to eat it. In order to eat, Qianshan will bring a knife, and the thorns on it will be cleaned with a razor blade. The pulp inside has a lot of seeds.Remove and store for a few days before serving.


Yu Gan, hawthorn is not produced in the south, and it is often replaced by the master of sugar gourd. The green fruit tastes astringent, and it is marinated for a few days before it disappears.

After eating, the mouth is full of ginseng, and the sweetness is strong. It is an appetizing small wild fruit.


The wild mulberry grows a bit like a caterpillar. It is best to eat when the fruit turns black. Nowadays, it is grown in large quantities in the south. In addition to picking and selling, there is a unique management method. It is open to tourists and costs 30 yuan per person.The fruit will be weighed and sold to you by the pound, but it will be cheaper than the market, but it is a loss.


Wild strawberry, the most common thing in the mountains in the south from March to April. Children pick it early in the morning. It can be found on rural hillsides and by the river. It is much more delicious than strawberries. It turns red and is the sweetest and green.Usually don’t pick, wait for a few days.


Snake bubbles, small roads into the mountains in the countryside, will be found after a long walk, listening to the elderly said that snakes are afraid of poisoning, generally do not eat.

I have seen eating, and the next day my mouth was very swollen and very scary, so I didn’t dare touch it when I was young.


Wild kiwi is not as big as what we buy now in the supermarket. It is very small and should not belong to this category. In fact, it is a buddha fruit. It is eaten when the fruit is red.Beautiful.


Lili, a kind of fruit that grows from climbing vines, is picked by folks and used to make jelly. The fruit is mashed with wood chase and filtered in gauze to filter out the juice. Stir in sugar.Steaming on the steamer, or simmering in the pot for a few minutes, is a very delicious “jelly”.