[Chinese Food Recipes Encyclopedia]_There are some_Some are

[Chinese Food Recipes Encyclopedia]_There are some_Some are

Chinese food has always been a very favorite food in history. In addition to traditional festival foods in China, there are many flavors of Chinese food. Chinese food includes Buddha jumping walls, or full seats in the Han Dynasty, etc., and it is basically simple and based on the nutritional needs of the human body.There are many special foods, and the method is simple. You can make them at home, and you can also supplement the nutrients needed by the body.

Chinese food recipes Daquan Chinese style fried dutch bean material dutch bean (boiled peas), scallion, bell pepper, oyster mushroom, sausage, salt, chicken essence method 1, dutch bean, oyster mushroom, sausage, scallion, sweet pepper washed and cut well; 2, firstFry the intestines, then stir-fry the dutch beans for 3 minutes, add other ingredients; 3, finally, add salt, chicken essence, and pan.

Ingredients for mutton pilaf (for 2-3 people) Ingredients: 400g of fatty lamb, 300g of two carrots, half a medium onion, 225g of a cup and a half of rice, one teaspoon of cumin powder, one tablespoon of cooking wine, onePut about 30g, the right amount of salt, and about 350ml of boiling water. Method 1. First, wash the rice and soak it in water for half an hour2. Prepare other materials when soaking the rice, shred the onion, cut the carrots into thin strips, and cut the lamb into 1cm thick slices.Stand by 3, heat the pan over high heat, pour in a small amount of oil, stir fry the lamb until it becomes discolored and oily, remove the lamb when the surface is slightly browned and wait for 4, and pour the onion into the pan and fry 1, 2Minutes until the onion becomes transparent, stir-fry the carrots and cumin powder 5 and pour the mutton back into the pot. Cook the cooking wine, pour about 350ml of boiling water, cover the pot and cook on low heat for about 15 minutes6, add an appropriate amount to the potAdjust the salty taste with salt, drain the soaked rice, pour it into a pot, and smooth it with a spatula, so that the rice is almost flush with the soup. If the soup is not enough, you can add a small amount of boiling water. 7, coverCover the pot with low heat and simmer for 10 minutes, turn once in the middle, 8, sprinkle with raisins, continueCook for 5-10 minutes 9 until the rice is completely cooked. When the soup is dry, turn off the heat. Do not open the lid first, continue to simmer for 2 or 3 minutes 10, lift the lid and turn the rice up and down.Tips for making the pot 1. Choose lamb and fat, and use bone with or without bone 2. Season the salt before the rice is added to taste the rice evenly. 3 Add the amount of water to the rice and add the soup.The juice is basically flush with the ingredients4. You can also put the cooked mutton with soup and rice into a rice cooker, use the general cooking function, and cook for 5-10 minutes after cooking.: Frozen potatoes, eggs, chicken breast accessories: raw flour (starch), salt, mashed, ketchup, nori, green onion, ginger, cooking methods1, chicken breast chopped into minced meat, put onion, ginger, cooking wine, mashedSalt well.

2. Wash the eggs and scoop them into a bowl, add raw flour and adjust the salt to a thin paste.

3, the frozen potato potato cake all two, and then adjust the neat corners of the palette.

4. Take a slice of potato cake and spread it with meat.

5. Take another slice of potato cake and cover it with the meat, and compact it gently.

6, evenly covered egg liquid.

7. Turn the pan over low heat, add the gelatinization, and place the potato cakes in turn, frying until golden on all sides.

8, put another saucepan, put tomato sauce, seaweed powder, a small amount of water slowly stir, thicken can be cooked, dipping sauce to eat more fragrant!



Tips can be replaced with mashed potatoes, potatoes peeled and steamed, and clogged into mud.