Chen Xiu nodded and said:“With the blood and sweat of your ancestors,This one million is really not much……but,I want to look at the condition of this bottle first!”

“okay!”The fat boss shouted:“Come to accept,Give the bottle to this gentleman!”
A buddy quickly moved the bottle to the middle of Baxiantai,The other guy sneakily dimmed the lights,This is also a means of selling fake antiques。
This kind of experience is written in Zhang Lao’s notebook,In the 1990s, when antiques weren’t sold as such,Those who sell fakes are usually used to asking people to come to see the goods,Then deliberately replaced the 100-watt lamp in the house with a 20-watt lamp,Just make you see。
Chen Xiu first started to pretend to figure out carefully after absorbing the mysterious power in the antique,Only then took a closer look at this enamel-colored Qianlong plum vase,Nodded and said:“Is a good thing,The condition is also well preserved!”
“It turns out that you are an expert too!”
The fat boss is happy,I feel like I am going to make a fortune today!
Chen Xiu read the bottle above,Suddenly turned the bottle over,Look directly at the bottom,It’s even more dude to have a magnifying glass。
The fat boss sighed,Secret road:“Fucking,He doesn’t know much。”
When the fat boss was suspicious, Chen Xiu suddenly patted his thigh,Said with a heartbroken look:“boss,Your family’s heirloom has been transferred!”
“boss,Come over and take a closer look。Was this fund added later?,Obvious overprint!”
“false……fake?How could it be fake!Oh my god,How can I be worthy of my ancestors!Why did the plum bottle that you have guarded you for a lifetime arrived in my hands and changed it myself?!”