The teenager sweats profusely,Puff sitting on the ground,He worked hard to adjust his breath,Trying to calm myself down,The sound of the sigh just now is very important,If not so,He doubts that he will soon fall into a cycle of self-fear,It’s not as dangerous as last night,But it was enough to make him suffer again,Maybe it will leave a permanent root of the disease。

Efforts to trace the source,Compare the sighs I heard last night and I just heard,The boy was convinced that the sound came from the depths of the hall,The hall has never been hostile to him,But helping him?
Repeated aftertaste,The tense and depressed heart of the teenager is relieved a lot,He decided not to look at the wall on the left,I’m sure there is nothing wrong with my body,Slowly cast his eyes to the right,The same dark gray rock,There are also mottled marks representing the age,No difference from the wall on the left。
But after a while,In the consciousness of the young,The wall on the right has also changed significantly,Those mottled marks are slowly creeping,Like all kinds of crawling bugs,They are trying to find their way,And then climbed to the place to be still,The large-scale creep of the entire wall has continued for a long time,When completely still,The teenager grew his mouth in surprise。
A completed picture finally appeared on the wall,Is a very regular sphere,Say it is regular,Just too round,Can’t find a flaw,The sphere is light and bright,Same as nephrite without impurities,Against this color,The rest of the wall appears darker。
Such a picture was unexpected by the boy,In his memory,When entering the hall for the second time,I felt the difference between the left and right walls,Deep and obscure left,Seems to have endless changes,And the right wall is extremely angular,The burst of breath is full of murderous intent,As substance,Juvenile mortal physique is naturally unbearable。
I don’t know why I feel this way,At that time, the young man had not had time to learn more, so the fire Tianzun standing in the center eliminated these breaths and made them invisible.。
Until last night when I entered the hall,This kind of murder still exists,Although it’s a lot lighter,The boy did not dare to look to the right first,This can be regarded as a kind of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages,Why would you think that the left wall is more dangerous。
Today is completely different,The wall on the right has not released any murderous intentions,On the contrary, he showed a strange picture to the teenager,Somehow。
Don’t know what the sphere represents,The teenager scratched his head and felt as if he could guess anything,It doesn’t seem to work,The key is no concept,Since it is called the Hall of Five Elements,What does it mean to make a ball?
The boy was staring at the wall for a long time,After all kinds of cranky thoughts,Finally sighed helplessly,He can’t understand,Can’t guess what it means,Temporarily abandoned the ball on the wall,Cast his gaze into the depths of the hall,It’s dark there,Even with the sunlight,He can’t see any outline。
But by impression,The Hall of Five Elements is not so profound from the outside,Even the main peak of the crater,The area of the mountain top is also limited,Could it be the reason for the perspective?The teenager thought about it,Just stood up,Decided to explore the inside of this temple。
Juvenile mind,Too curious,Although it doesn’t feel right subconsciously,But I still took steps without much hesitation,It’s only two steps away,Suddenly heard a crisp sound,The teenager fell to the ground with a cry,Something slapped my right leg,Suddenly lost the center of gravity。