Sun Yaruan saw Qin Su Ya’s appearance,The heart is awkward。

Because Qin Suzhen, the Qin Sui, is not only a colorful,It is a very full feeling that is very full of enthusiasm.。
I thought that she walked so far from last night to listen to the sound of the other time.,She has some regrets that last night should not go.。
“Grandchildren,What’s wrong with you?
Didn’t you sleep well last night??”
“No,That is, Xiao Ya Jie last night didn’t come here with me.,I am afraid.。”
I listened to Sun Yaru.,Qin Su Ya is also feeling some sorry.。
“sorry,I last night”“Little ya sister, you don’t have to explain.,I understand,At first glance, Xia Ya, you are full, I will know.,I don’t know if Xiaoya sister is taught to you last night.?”
Sun Yaru said this time when the color。
Qin Su Ya is not big.。
“No,I am sorry.,I may try it when I will wait for the next time.。”
Qin Su Ya thought that he said this will let Sun Yaru are happy.,However, she saw the loss of the opposite side and even a hate.。
This spleen is a little inexplicable.。
Although Sun Yarn is a smile look,However, the scene just now let Qin Sui Lili.。
Just now, let her feel that Sun Yaru is as simple as Li Hui Hui Hui.,Otherwise, the other party can’t hate it.,Because she did not provoke each other。
Although she is gentle,Although shy,Although I don’t understand how to compete with others,But not equal to her stupid,She is not smart.。
If she is not smart, she will not be able to take high high school.。
Li Hui has been almost eight o’clock,Take two people,Then transfer,Directly embarked on the road to study。
Chapter 450 provocation
On the way, Qin Su Ya and Sun Yali sat in Li Hui’s side.,Don’t know how many people。
Numerous eyes are secretly seeing a few eyes, Qin Su Ya and Sun Yaruan.。
The beauty of the second woman is completely different,Although there is a bit like,But the temperament is absolutely different.。
Because Li Hui’s existence,Although many people want to take two women,But there is no action,Even if it is put into action, it is rejected.。
And Sun Yaru has also been habged for such gaze.,Only Qin Su Ya has some shy tightness with Li Hui。
Six hours of train,Three talents arrive at South Rivers,Rao Shang City。
Li Hui Hui gives two women carrying bags,Then I played a car directly.,Pulling the school with a second woman。
The driver is also one of the anti-heavens of Qin Su Ya and Sun Yaru.。
I can’t help but sneak a little bit of sneaking from the mirror on the way.。
“Little brother,Do you want to go to school??”
“I can’t,I am accompanying them.,master,Is this a university really very powerful??”