Value Implication and Logic Mechanism of High Quality Development

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The Economic and Social Development during the ’14th Fiveth’ period should promote high-quality development as the theme, which is based on the scientific judgment made by my country’s development stage, the development environment and development conditions." This important discussion is Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the party Central Committee using Marxist basic principles, my country’s economic and social development reality, is the basic basis for the current and future economic policies, formulating economic policies, and implementing macroeconomic regulation. We must deeply understand the value meaning and logic mechanism of high quality development, and we will enhance the ideological consciousness of promoting high quality development of economic and social.

  I adhered to the value of the people’s orientation to the General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that "the high-quality development needs to be closely combined with the people’s better life."

The fundamental quality of high quality is the quality of people’s life, which is to fully satisfy the people’s needs of good life. This is the core election and value of high quality development, and the starting point of high quality development and the foothold.

  At present, my country’s main contradictions have been transformed into the contradiction between the growing needs of the people and the unbalanced development of unbalanced. Beautiful life content is wide, not only the higher requirements of material cultural life, but also includes increasing democracy, rule of law, fairness, justice, security, environment, etc., and has become increasingly prominent.

The unbalanced development of unbalanced unbalance, urgently requires economic development to adhere to the people-centered, realize high quality demand, to meet high quality needs with high quality development, and is committed to providing quality education for the people with high quality education with high quality education. , Stable income, reliable social security, high-level medical and health services, comfortable human environment, rich cultural life, ensuring better development results better and all people, constantly realizing the people’s good life.

  Whether the economic and social development has achieved high quality, scientific value evaluation criteria can only be consistent with people’s requirements or interests. This should be supported from the people, and it is not approved. I am happy. I am happy. I promised to use the fundamental standard that measures all the gains and gains. It has enhanced the people’s sense, happiness, and safe feelings as an important role in inspection of high quality development. Scale, the effectiveness of the people’s better life needs to test the basic indicators of high quality development, and the effectiveness of creating conditions for people’s free and comprehensive development as the core elements of high quality development. Respect the objective laws of economic and social development, grasp the law, and do a good job in all work and achieve the premise of the expected purpose. It is an inevitable requirement to adapt to the main contradictory changes in the continued health and development of the economy, and the inevitable requirements for the main contradiction between my country’s society and the comprehensive construction of a well-off society, and comprehensively build socialist modern countries. It is an inevitable requirement to follow economic law. On the one hand, high quality development requires reasonable growth in economic development.

Currently, my country is still in the same stage of socialism, remains the world’s largest developing country. With economic construction, it is the best to develop the country, and the development is the first one of the party’s homing to the country. It is the basis and key to solve all problems in my country. High quality development is never not "quantity" expansion, but to achieve more efficient, higher levels of growth. On the other hand, high quality development must promote the steady improvement of economic development.

For example, my country still has innovative ability, uncomfortable high quality development requirements, agricultural foundation is unstable, urban and rural areas development and income distribution gap are large, and the ecological environmental protection is far away, and people’s livelihood guarantee existence of short boards, social governance and weak items, etc. Contradictions, etc. These contradictions and problems are reflected in the quality of development. To this end, the development quality problem must be placed more prominent positions, focusing on improving development quality and benefits. In this sense, high quality development is inevitably to achieve "reasonable growth" and "quality steady improvement" double coordination, double promotion.

  Realize high-quality development, you must understand and follow the phased law of things development.

Each thing has its own characteristics in different development phases, and must promote things better development based on their specialty, phased characteristics, correct methods and measures. When the main contradiction between my country’s society is "the increasing substance culture of the people requires the contradiction between the same backward social production", the economic development focus is inevitably "backward", the first pursuit is the total economic volume, scale and speed, More care is the development of "there is no" "Many" "big", so economic development is the theme of promoting high-speed growth.

Entering the new era, the main contradiction between society, the economic development enters the new normal, the problem that is inevitable is "unbalanced", the pursuit of the quality, level and benefits, more care is the development "good "Good" "excellent" "fine".

Therefore, promoting high quality development has become a reality and inevitable choice.

  Reflecting Marxist Ideological Methods and Working Methods High Quality Development Contains Deep Dialectical Materialism and Historical Materialism Scientific Thinking Method. Promote high-quality development, require us to develop rather than stationary, systematically instead of observe things, generally related to things, properly dealing with various major relations in economic and social development . Development has distinctive integrity, relevance, openness, timing characteristics, must be well-organized, systemically advanced.

General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly stated that "economic, social, culture, ecology and other fields should reflect high-quality development requirements", indicating that high quality development throughout the field, achieving all-round improvement; high-quality development is reflected in new development The development of ideas is the first motivation, coordination has become the characteristics of endogenous birth, and green has become a common form. It has become the way to become a fundamental purpose. It is to implement the new development concept as the internal requirements of high quality development. More efficient, more fair, more sustainable, more secure; high-quality development should better meet high-quality needs in high quality supply, taking into account the two sides of the market economy; high quality development should achieve production, circulation, distribution The cycle of consumption is smooth, all over the entire social production process, and so on.

Obviously, high-quality development is to achieve multi-dimensional, high-level, diversified improvement, is a full-scale, systematic overall change process.

  Promoting high quality development should adhere to scientific ideological methods and working methods, be good at finding key points, seizing key, hoping in key points and symptoms. First, twist the main line of deepening supply side structural reform, putting the improvement supply structure as the main attack direction, vigorously developing the entity economy, and focusing on improving the supply quality as the "main battlefield" that promotes high quality development.

Second, enhance innovation this first motivation.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "independent innovation is an urgent requirement and important support for high quality development, kinetic energy conversion."

Whether it is to meet the needs of the people’s high quality production life, it is still focused on meeting the economic development of more requirements for technology innovation, or seizes innovation opportunities in the overall pattern of global development, solves the "card neck" problem. It is necessary to give high quality development new movements through technological innovation.

Third, cross-pollution prevention and environmental governance this important gateway. The protection environment has both protection of productivity, improving the economic value of productivity, and has the social value of the people’s good life and enhance the quality of people ‘s life.

my country’s economic development must increase the protection of ecosystems, lay the pollution prevention and control, let the green become high quality development, the biggest advantage and the biggest brand of high quality development.

  The Party Committee Secretary of Henan University of Finance and Economics.