The "multi-end integration" innovation government service enterprises in Jianghan District, Wuhan, opened to enjoy the "one-stop" service

People’s Network Wuhan On November 5th, the electric company opened registration without waiting in line in the window, and you can register with your ID card. In the Jianghan District Government Service Center, "Multi-End Integration" innovation government service, the new company opened a self-service area. Commercial registration full business self-service one machine, invoice application self-service terminal, social security card self-service card terminal and other self-service equipment … At the fourth floor of the Jianghan District Government Service Center, the company’s service area commercial registration full business self-service machine can realize self-service Application, one-click printing business license.

"These devices basically cover the services required for enterprises. In the case of fully preparation, only one identity card can be completed, and the business license is available on the spot." The hall staff introduced.

In addition to self-service equipment, enterprises open a self-service area also provide public computements, which is convenient for public Internet to file online.

At the same time, the hall arranged a specialized ganker personnel at this value and keeping guidance for the public.

It is understood that because the Jianghan District Government Service Center provides full-course service, most of the public will report good information online when they open the enterprise, and after the review is passed, I will post it or print it with a self-service one.

"Now is convenient and fast, the business license can self-service on the spot, next to you can receive invoices, office insurance, great!" Mr. Chen who handled on the spot. "Do a good job of business registration, the first step in the business of the company, is also the ‘first face’ of the business environment.

"The relevant person in charge of the Jianghan Administrative Example Branch said that in the city, the district took the lead in opening a self-service area to establish a" multi-end integration "intelligent guidance service mechanism, which aims to further deepen the" Internet + government service ", so that the company is in the Jianghan Stepping is more convenient.

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