5 million yuan involved in enterprises arrears in migrant workers wage case

A compaction responsibility of "Zhou Statistics", "Seasonal Report"; once the "real gold and silver" is a great heart; … the people’s livelihood is in the hearts of people. On November 18th, the "Shanxi Court implemented a case centralized release day" launched, and the province’s total 115 courts centralized the on-site simultaneous starting case issuance activities. In the Tanigu District People’s Court of Jinzhong City, the cash will be distributed 5 million yuan.

The case of this issuance is a series of cases, involving 45 cases, involving 266 people in the implementation of applicants, all of which were involved in migrant workers.

According to reports, the number of cases involved in the case and the number of applicants involved in the case, the amount of the subject matter involved is large, whether the case handling is the harmonious and stability of the society and the judicial authority of the people’s court.

Therefore, the Taigu Court has attached great importance to it. In accordance with the principles of "priority reception, priority", simplify the case process to ensure that the applicant will make a timely and orderly. Since there is a problem with the problem of the time node of the parties in the trial stage, the Taigu Court always adheres to the "one group of cases, solves a group, pay a group" and the people involved in the people’s livelihood. " The principle of carrying out implementation, concentrating on handling the case, increasing the implementation, finding the right time, actively adopting effective measures, take the bank deposit, real estate, stock, securities, vehicles, etc., seizure, freeze , The auction and other enforcement measures, and the legal person representative information of the executed unit is included in the list of lost letters, and continue to supervise the case, and ultimately implement the case of more than 500,000 yuan, making the case’s implementation has made significant progress. Since the development of party history, the Taigu County People’s Court will develop a special implementation action of people’s livelihood cases as a special implementation action of people’s livelihood cases as the "I have a practical thing for the masses", and the normalization is concentrated. The implementation of the case of the people’s students, further showing the results of the party history. Next, the hospital will continue to increase the implementation of work, carry forward the spirit of doing difficult, and dare to improve the hard work, standardize the implementation behavior, and fully respond to the concern of people’s livelihood, and maximize the legal rights of winning the parties, and open the service "The last kilometer".

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