Yoga V-shape overcomes impulse

Yoga V-shape overcomes impulse

The calmness of the heart and the indignity is a state of life that many philosophical schools respect, as is yoga.

Of course, the difference is that many philosophical factions lead to a thorough understanding of the universe, nature, and life through language and words. Yoga has since then added a means to promote the sublimation of the mind through physical changes.

  The V-shape can eliminate excess meat in the abdomen, and is a good helper for abdominal fat reduction. At the same time, it can eliminate people’s mental tension, restrain their emotional impulses, and make their physiology more harmonious and calm.

  Practice V-shape 1. Sit, bend your knees, hold your toes with both hands, and evenly breathe.

  2. Inhale, slowly lift your feet up, and your upper body leans back slightly at the same time, using the spine as a fulcrum to maintain balance.

  3. Slowly open your feet to both sides, and at the same time, tilt your head back, and straighten your feet.

  4. Exhale, hold your feet slowly together, grab your calf with both hands, pull your hips closer to your hips, straighten your feet and tighten forward, and look forward.

  5. Keep this position and exhale naturally 5 times.

  6, relax and slowly restore the sitting position.

Repeat the exercise 3 times.

  Exercise effect: enhance the strength of the abdominal muscles, eliminate excess meat, make the thighs longer and the waist thinner.

Prevent viscera sagging, improve rehabilitation, eliminate constipation and strengthen the back end.

It has the effect of relaxing body and mind and joints, and it is helpful for people who are timid, easily impulsive or nervous.

  Experience sharing: When practicing, move slowly and pay attention to maintaining body balance.