Aurora Entertainment is the company’s company,Large scale,This work,And the work he wants to shoot,This investor’s thing,I have been imperative 。

Mu Zihong will calm down,The pair of deep eyes,There is no one in an instant。
“fine,sit down。”
His voice is cold and indifferent,Faint,Broken and indifference。
Li Gui listens to this tone,I know that Mu Zihao is angry.,After all, he is late for nearly half an hour.。
Su Seiming’s face,Voice line is extremely cold:“Li Gui,late,First punishment three cups。”
Mu Zihao took the purpose of him here to come here.。
Revenge for his beloved woman。
Li smiled and sat down,Nodded,“Social Surface,I am late,First punishment three cups。”
Li Guard looked at the five bottles of red wine,It is a precious wine with an overlord position on the global list.。
Li Gui,Sparkle,Looking at the eyes of Mu Zizi, full of fear。
This meal,He really can’t afford it.。
Muzi has a bottle of wine,I personally give Li Guaishou,“It is said that,Li Guohao is good。”
Brigade,He pushed the filled wine to the front of Li Gui。
Li Guo smiled,Double hands start red wine,“Mu,so so,so so,Some,That cup,I am free of punishment,Start。”
Finish,He looks up,Drink all。
Mu Zi’s honing is very old and looks at him.,No wire temperature。
Original,How much is he letting?,Today, he also gave him a double.。
Woman, Mu Ziyi,No one can bully。
“Good wine,It is worthy of famous rebel wine,Really drink。”
Li smiled and praised,But I also know that this wine is very strong.。
Looking at the five bottles of wine on the table ,His hearts have some drums,If all he drink,He does not enter the hospital tonight.。
Mu Ziqi also picked up a wine glass,The unhappy helper is guided to a cup。
Mu Zi’s honor is faint,“Since Li always thinks this is a good wine,That drinks a few glasses of wine。”
He fill a cup,Pushing to Li Gui。
This time he is very refreshing.,Just drink it。
NS833chapter:I drink
Mu Ziqi gives him full。
Under lighting,Wine emits a faint purple light,Faint wine,Sorghum。
Li Gui,Smile becomes reluctant,Say good, three cups,This is the last cup.。
He is red wine,Drink all,Refreshing。
Mu Ziyi looked at his gaze,Alert。
Subsequent,Waiter’s dishes。
Su Shengming waited for Mu Zi to eat。
Although Mu Ziyi is only hurt,Can Su Jingming still does not rest assured,Give him some dishes I like to give him。