“Tu Tu Tu!Tu Tu Tu!”Guo Yinzhe wants to fight back,But there was a jet of white smoke in front of me,Don’t expect,Huanglian Shangqing once again cast his own“Xuan Bing Gang Qi”skill。

The technology of skill casting,Guo Yinzhe has never met in a battle,A player who grasps the right timing and skill range。With only one cast of ice gas,Left and right hands from a strange angle,He just slowed down Lu Yi and Guo Yinzhe in different positions at the same time。
“Is a master,Worthy of being a new generation of force cultivated by the Tai Chi team,Two people who can actually slow down to a distance of seven or eight meters apart with ice gas at the same time!”Lu Yi couldn’t help but marvel at the opponent’s incomparable skill range control,In order to maximize the skill advantage at such an extreme distance。
“This is how to do?”Guo Yinzhe immediately felt soreness in both knees,The biting icy feeling poured into my legs like lead。
“Think hard,I boasted Haikou!If you really can’t live with mePKIt’s shameful。”Lu Yi promptly stimulated Guo Yinzhe。
“hateful!How could I die in such a place?”Guo Yinzhe
Straightened one direction,Began to attack the opponent’s vitals head-on,The bullet was aimed at Huanglian Shangqing, the nearest to him, as a greeting。
Huanglian Shangqing thought about his powerful skills“Body protection”Less than10Read it in secondsCD,There is no need to take the risk and go head-to-head with Guo Yinzhe,So cast a“Light as a swallow”Stand up from the tropical bushes,Once again separated from Guo Yinzhe。
“so close,so close!Fortunately, this person’s style doesn’t like being tough with others,Otherwise, even if you miss him,I will die here。”
I saw that Lu Yi and Guo Yinzhe were not let go,He skillfully took out three high-explosive grenades from his backpack,Throw one at each side of Lu Yi,Threw one towards Guo Yinzhe’s front。
“Be careful!!!”Lu Yi said it,Lying down on the grass,He originally had the most health among the four,Was instantly cleared to only 3%。
“Fucking!This3Throwing a mine is as tricky as having eyes,I didn’t believe it was thrown by the medical soldier!”Feng Xichuan has a sharp look,Even the expert among the ammunition experts in the Gun of Glory will throw,The angle cannot be more perfect,That is, Lu Yi and Guo Yinzhe’s retreat was sealed.,And caused great harm to them。
“Fortunately, I have mechanical armor,Otherwise, I really see King Hades!”Guo Yinzhe’s armor fragments that turned black after he resisted the explosion damage peeled off his chest,Fortunately said。
“Two of them are gone!Let’s go together,Quickly resolve the battle!”Guitu Sanku sees the other side’s state bottomed out,Rush forward immediately,And shouted to Huanglian Shangqing behind him。
“be careful,They must get a dead fish……”Huanglian Shangqing said nothing,Display“Light as a swallow”Reappearing in front of the Three Caves of Guitu。