Is it really beautiful? Be wary of the sequelae of one night stand

Is it really beautiful? Be wary of the sequelae of one night stand

A recent survey by a Taiwanese foundation shows that the younger the Internet community, the more they like to pursue direct, fast, and multiple online sex.

The purpose of their Internet access is mostly to find a one-night stand.

  A city in the south also recently released a survey showing that the rate of pursuing and introducing “one-night stands” is higher among adolescents and middle-aged people.

  Both surveys indicate that a large number of young people may step in and try “one night stand”, which has nothing to do with the romantic beauty in the current television, movies and literary works.

In fact, medical experts believe that because of this abnormal sexual relationship, and it is not carried out in the state of fortification at all, it is difficult to avoid the occurrence of many unexpected sequelae.”One-night stand” is a common mentality of men and women.

Because the occurrence of “one-night stand” is often accompanied by accidents, and in order to pursue pleasure, men and women rarely take necessary protective measures in advance, such as using condoms, local cleaning, etc., and because each other’s previous sexual experience and health status are almost the sameI do n’t know, so this “once” is likely to be infected with sexually transmitted diseases or even AIDS. Numerous clinical statistics can fully confirm.

  At the same time, because sneaky behaviors are often carried out in a state of extreme excitement, the two parties often lack the necessary foreplay. The man is prone to rough movements and does not talk about skills, which will inevitably lead to arthritis and reproductive tract damage.Penis contusion, incarceration, congestion and edema, etc., women are prone to vaginal spasms, local abrasions, vaginal tears, and major bleeding.

In addition, both lovers have a tense mentality of being afraid of being hit by people, in which case sexual dysfunction can easily be induced.

Therefore, “Once in a while” is not so easy and unprotected.

  ■ Psychological haze “One-night stand” is abnormally positioned in some people’s minds as a personal charm worth showing off. It seems that any moral code is confined to the shackles of human nature, “love me and love, no regrets and no regrets”, but in fact thisSexual relationships that cannot be frankly will naturally leave a little bit of the same imprint of a thief on each other psychologically.

After the passion, in addition to worrying about pregnancy, illness, and being known by others, how to deal with your current or future partner, this illegal sexual experience should be buried or calmly laid down. It is a boulder hidden in your heart.

“I’m so sorry”, this is a sigh often issued by the person afterwards, but it may come later.

  After all, temporary entertainment cannot escape reality. This is an invisible psychological burden. No matter how you look at it, it is a haze after all, but not a bright sun.