Always maintain the political and clear politics, clear, constant, loyalty, clean, political quality

Adhere to the party’s leadership, strengthen the party’s construction, is a glorious tradition of state-owned enterprises, and is the "root" and "soul" of state-owned enterprises. On November 16th, the province’s state-owned enterprise leading cadres warned the Education Conference in Taiyuan. The meeting played a warning of the "weight loss" of the educational film and went deep into the Taiwa Group’s series of corruption. Education guided the province’s state-owned enterprise leading cadres to keep in mind the general secretary of Xi Jinping, and always do not practice the party’s initial mission, consciously The leader of enterprises, with the era of era with high-spirited posture and excessive hard quality.

The leading cadres at all levels attending the meeting, especially the leading cadres of state-owned enterprises, in particular, unanimously expressed that the idea and action will be unified to the party Central Committee and the provincial party committee deployment, and the case is the case, to make an unclear, The case is changed, knowing the fear, depicting the fear, and the bottom line, always adhere to the leadership of the country and the state-owned enterprises, strengthen the party’s construction, to comprehensively achieve the actual effectiveness of the strict treatment to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, and do strong Make a glorious mission of big state-owned enterprises, and make a positive contribution to the whole-quality development of our province.

As the first heavy-duty machinery manufacturing enterprise designed and built by the new China, the Lighter Group has been full of glory and brilliance from the date of birth.

However, since 2012, the Taishui Group gradually went to the bond, and urgently needs to take a distinctive situation. Among them, there are both the changes in the times and the rise and fall of the market, more related to "people" factors. In October 2020, the Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission issued a news. Wang Chuangmin, who was a party committee and chairman of the Taiwan Group, was suspected of serious violations of law, and accepted the discipline review and supervision of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission.

After that, the two members who were too heavy and the members of the team had worked successively.

The warning of the "weight loss" of the educational film is in-depth analysis of the Taiwanese series of corruption, and knocks the police clock to the party members and cadres. A historical history of a state-owned enterprise should be a leadership of the party and strengthen the history of the party’s construction. "The problem revealed, and the comprehension is still on the road, and the anti-corruption struggle is still serious. The task is still arduous." Sun Bo, the party committee and chairman of Shanxi Jianba Group, said that the party secretary of state-owned enterprises should take the initiative The responsibilities of the first responsible person of the party, the members of the company should firmly pick up the responsibility of the party’s party "one post and double responsibility", and put the enterprise to strictly manage the party and anti-corruption struggle.

Sun Bo said that it is necessary to strengthen corporate governance system and system construction, adhere to major issues, collective decision-making systems, improve corporate governance capacity and governance level, and promote continuous development of enterprises.

The province’s state-owned enterprises are the medium-sized column of high-quality development in Shanxi Province. Promote the comprehensive development of the country-owned enterprises in the country, and need to break the hidden rules in the regulations. Involving negative energy with positive energy, and advance the corruption with "three do not" In the germination state.

Tianbing, a full-time deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Give Group, said that as a leading cadres in state-owned enterprises, we must consciously put our thoughts and actions to the spirit of the conference, and profoundly understand the extreme importance of state-owned enterprises in the overall development of the province, corruption The serious harm of the problem, the reality urgency of anti-corruption struggle in the field of state-owned enterprises, is always highly vigilant, resolutely prevent corruption in the field of national enterprises, and acts as a state-owned asset operator, manager, caregiver duties. "The convening of the General Assembly shows that the provincial party committee is in a distinctive attitude of corruption, and the strong will of stronger the party will never relax, and do not shake the strong will of doing great state-owned enterprises." Bai Xiaoping, secretary of the Party Committee of Taiyuan City Rail Company, said that as the person in charge of state-owned enterprises, we must firmly move the party’s leadership, strengthen democratic decision-making, adhere to the "triple and one large" system, strengthen risk awareness, deepen internal control and supervision mechanism, Ensure the value added value of state-owned assets. "The case wakes all state-owned enterprise leading cadres, and we must resolutely abandon the ‘watching" mentality, and resolutely pick up the comprehensive political responsibility of strictly governing the party, build secrets and refuse to prevent the thoughts, good power, money, family off.

"The Party Committee of the Orchid Group Company, the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection, said:" We will profoundly learn the lesson of cases, doing realistic doors, and consolidate the party organizations to supervise the party’s subject responsibility and discipline inspection and supervision agencies. Strengthen supervision of ‘one hand’ and leadership team, strengthen supervision of ‘triple a big’ decision system, resolutely put the principle of democratic centralism to practice; adhere to ‘three don’t’ integration, resolutely investigate and deal with enterprises, timely behavior, timely Blocked management vulnerabilities, replenishing the system short board; take the lead in practice loyalty and clean, take the lead in stricting the provincial discipline committee ‘s "three ban", take the lead in complying with the party discipline, abide by the low-line main line of the integrity, and constantly tempering the political quality of loyalty and cleaning.

"Remember the ideals and beliefs and the initial mission, need to forge steel-like will, practice" Jin Gang is not bad ". Liang Jianbing, deputy chief engineer of Huayang Group, said that the General Assembly put forward higher requirements for the State-owned enterprise cadres For details.

We must truly take the spirit of the conference as the ruler of future work and life, and struggle to work.

At the same time, as the party members and cadres of state-owned enterprises, we should pay more attention to lessons, keep in mind the "Chu River Hanjie", effectively enhance the law-abiding, Chong Lian’s political consciousness, thinking, consciousness, and consciousness, comprehensive implementation of loyalty and clean assignment political requirements. Yongzhong’s Qing Zhengxiao political nature, contributing its strength to the development of high quality transformation of enterprises. For the elders of Huang, you must solidly. Under the new situation, the leaders of the state-owned enterprises, the party’s construction can only be strengthened, and it cannot be weakened.

Yang Yubin, the party committee and chairman of the Datong Development, believes that strengthening the construction of the state-owned enterprises, should achieve "Time Strict" to "normal strict", "focus" to "comprehensive strict", "passive strict" transformation . "The Party Secretary of the Group must combine the ” ” ” ” ” ‘and the comprehensiveness of the party, do not let go, don’t lick your hands, remember the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, the alarm bell, honesty and self-discipline, lead the team members to implement and play good The main responsibility of the party committee and the supervision responsibility of the discipline committee, earnestly fulfilled the matter, do a good job, and do a good job, and create a good environment for the production and operation of the enterprise. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" The case, showing the painful lessons of corrupt elements and the revort, once again remind us to comprehensively from the strict governance party.

Pan Yonglu, the publicity minister of the Zhangzhou Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, said the cadres engaged in publicity work as a discipline inspection and supervision system, always put the discipline rules in front, strictly abide by the party regulations party regulations, and in-depth implementation of General Secretary General’s Important Discussion, always keep the mind, correctly treat the list of interest, use the power given by the people, a righteousness, two sleeves. "Zhangzhou Discipline Inspection and Supervision System Publicity Front will continue to give a warning education role, guide party members and cadres to build honest idea line, strengthen don’t want The consciousness of rot, tapping the alarm and do the alarm bell.

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