[Can I drink with scars?

】 _Wound scar_Can you drink it?

[Can I drink with scars?
】 _Wound scar_Can you drink it?

If a wound appears on the ninja again, during the healing process, scars will appear on the body. This is a normal phenomenon, but in order to prevent the scars from becoming more severe and obvious, there are many taboos in diet and life., Can not eat spicy and irritating food, can not always stay up late, etc., then people with scars can usually drink alcohol?

Can I drink with scars?
If there is a wound, it is best not to drink alcohol, because drinking will accelerate blood circulation and cause some bad development of the wound. It is still reminded that it is best to wait for the wound to heal completely before considering it, and don’t drink too much alcohol.

It is recommended not to drink alcohol within one month after injury.

Do not eat spicy foods for a month.

Pay attention to sun protection and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Conducive to the recovery of the wound.

Head trauma needs to go to the hospital for surgical debridement in time to add wounds. Guidance: Take oral anti-inflammatory drugs, do not touch the water, change the medicine on time, prevent infection, quit smoking and alcohol, and drinking will affect healing.

At present, considering head trauma, it is recommended to temporarily stop drinking and heal wounds, pay attention to rest, don’t be too tired, pay attention to local skin cleansing, and avoid infection.

It is actually not recommended to drink alcohol when you have a wound on your body, as drinking alcohol may.

Guidance: It affects the body’s resistance, causing the body wound to be easily infected and affect healing. Therefore, it is recommended that you stop drinking before the wound is fully healed. First, you should not drink alcohol for the first class of drugs.Any help.

Guidance: Instead, the wound will not be healed, and it is easy to cause edema to heal. Therefore, it is still not good to drink, and it is not good for the stomach to drink often.

The present situation is the fourth day of head trauma.

Guidance: Based on current recommendations.

Because it was four days after the injury and my mouth has not healed yet.

The main problem is that it is very dangerous to ban drinking with cephalosporins. You can drink a small amount after using cephalosporin for seven days.