Although he has the village head of Lotus Village or him,But in this level, add another guarantee,Perfect。

He is all aged.,Now that time has been a winner,What he thinks is to give yourself a good reputation.。
This kind of famous name is not good.,But if the vegetable factory is really implemented,No matter how it will be remembered in the future or in the future。
“Xiao Li,I also know about the things in the village.,Although I can’t say that you don’t build with them,But as long as you set this vegetable factory in our own village,I will apply for you to the county in the county in Yangtze Town aspect.,Take a free point,How about it?”
Shen Tianzi heard this,Looked an eye Xu Laifu,He didn’t expect that he was brought to each other.。
Especially in the other family,What makes him are somewhat hard。
“Hey-hey,uncle,This is certain after the year.,It is good to get a pig farm before year.,The vegetable factory will have to come around the summer.。”
One heard this,Xu Laifu has not given up。
He also wants to continue to fight for it.,Han Shanshan has come over to ask if it is going to work.。
I have already heard the meal.,Xu Laifu is also no two words,Let your mother go to the dishes directly。
And Li Hui is also a quick to help Han Shanshan.。
At the same time, I walked with each other.,Side of the opponent。
“Beautiful squad leader This is a simple man who is beautiful.,Beautiful women’s class leader will eat more。”
“I am a pig.?
Also eat more,Remember to promise me。”
Say,Han Shanshan directly white Li Hui’s eyes,Just the smile of the mouth,But it was a mood of her at this time.。
See this scene,Li Hui Feng is also a breather。
When I went to Shen Tianzi there,The other party did not come out to see him.,He feels。
This time I encountered again.,I saw the other party’s issuance,I don’t know what to say.,He knows that the separation between the two may be getting deeper.。
Fortunately, he took the initiative to break the silence.,Otherwise, I will really be in the same way.。
Very fast, a table is ended。
Xu Laifu took a bottle of Maotai for many years.。
Shen Tiansi looks at the Maotai wine,Immediately refuse。
“Brother,You still don’t take it.,This wine collection is good.,It’s so pity。”
“Hey-hey,Unfortunately, 啥,This is still the past.,Atten not worth,May now value money,But today can drink with the elite,That is the welfaction of the repair,Talking about the money is simply being bused out。”
Say,Xu Laifu opened the wine directly.。
Li Hui Feng is also fast,Laugh:“uncle,Here, I said that the younger generation,What is the things of the wine?,You will sit down with Shen Da Ge.。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng said.,Xu Laofu has not retired to handle the bottle to Li Hui.。
Chapter 632, the drunk
Soon, wine,Although the wine has some years,But the slurry bottle did not run away how much alcohol。
Under the head of Xu Laifu,Three people have been finished and have been finished.。
But this wine is not intertwined by Xu Laifu.。
I immediately took a box of ordinary white wine.。
Eventually one person is at least one pound of wine,Xu Laifu has been full of red with Shen Tianzi,Speaking is some big tongue。