Respect for people, achieve people, happy people Geely release the common prosperity plan

From June 25, Geely officially launched Geely Common Wealth Programs. On July 3, I published a common prospective planning program, further improved and implementation, including all employee’s income growth plan, all family health insurance plans, all professional promotion plans, etc. Series initiatives, realizing employees’ common prosperity.

The income growth plan of all members is committed to establishing and improving the income sharing mechanism of enterprises and employees, motivating employees to better struggle, create value, and promoting long-term, sustained and healthy development of enterprises. The plan will explore various forms of equity, options, income rights, bonuses and other incentives, according to different subsidiaries, different business categories.

Employees will participate in equity incentives or benefits based on performance performance, and achieve synchronization growth of employee revenue and corporate benefits.

The innovative incentive mechanism will be initiated through the pilot unit, and gradually covers the Group of Business Groups, and eventually realize all employees, regardless of position and level, they can create, share, share, and work together.

All-member Health Insurance Plan, Geely since 2017, each year has established a commercial insurance system for employees, providing equal security for all employees and its immediate relatives, helping employees to resist economic pressure caused by accidents or major diseases, and lift their worries and improve Employee family security and happiness, realize "one person employment, family happiness". As of 2021, Geely’s commercial insurance program has covered 190,000 employees and families.

The occupational improvement plan will establish an education and training system covering the full career cycle of the employee, through the prevention, customization, and scenes of all-person talent training projects, the system has formed a system, a complete learning ecology. To cover all employees, cover the entire industry chain partner to create a community. At the same time, the Li Shufu Public Welfare Foundation established a special education scholarship, rewarding Geely employees to accept good higher education, comprehensively navigating the happy home dream. In addition to the above three major plans, Geely pays attention to employee education. Ningbo Beilun New Lecley Kindergarten is Geely funded and founded in Zhejiang 4 Star Quality Kindergarten in Zhejiang Province, which effectively solved the transfer of employees to pick up and study problems. In the compulsory education stage, Geely started to build a 198-year-old school.

Geely also implemented the welfare home, and the residents have their homes to make employees living in music.

Ji Li has provided welfare listings for employees through self-built and cooperation since 2004. In 2018, he cooperated with brand housing to create a Jijia project. As a work of giving gifts, the work of the String of Geely truly enabled employees to achieve the wishes of "living honest". In the past 35 years, under the joint efforts of all employees, Geely Holdings Group has continued to flourish, "respecting people, achieving people, and happy people" have also become a talent concept of Geely. Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, publicly said: "Today’s China, to achieve the efficiency priority to fair priority, we must create better professional conditions for the career of the first-line workers, let thousands of wire Workers have a run, and they have a guarantee that they can concentrate on their own professional direction, constantly practical and explore, constantly improve the level of capacity, and create their own career values ??in the industrial chain, thus Harvest dignity, achieve dreams, and make happiness. "In addition to co-prosperity with employees, Geely also actively explored practices to drive the whole industry chain to achieve industries. On June 10, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council released opinions on the establishment of the joint prosperity of Zhejiang high quality development.

As a Zhejiang leading company, Geely brave social responsibility, play an industry, education and talent advantage, help build a more perfect Ningbo Automotive Industrial Ecosystem, driving the whole industry chain sustainable development, and realizes the industry.

As the "Double City Record" and "One March Wings" in Zhejiang Province, Ningbo is the strategic highland of the main portal and advanced manufacturing of Zhejiang.

Over the years, Geely and Ningbo industrial integration symbiosis.

With Geely and other vehicles, the automotive industry has become the Ningbo landmark industry. Taking Ningbo Hangzhou Bay as an example, since Jilly settled in 11 years, the population of Hangzhou Bay New District has increased from 320,000 in 2020 (Ji Lizi%), and the regional industrial output value increased from 56.5 billion yuan to 2020 1698. 100 million yuan (Geely 20.7 billion, accounting%), taxation increased from 10 billion yuan in 2011 to 8.2 billion yuan in 2020 (Gliyi, accounting for ratio%).

Geely joins hands with Hangzhou Bay, all major supporting parts main units, jointly build a more complete automotive industry ecosystem, help new districts to build new energy intelligent networks, new energy intelligent networks, global advanced automotive technology R & D centers and world-renowned automobile brands collection center . Editor in charge: Feng Ming.