Bohai Bank – Party Construction Leading High Quality Development Bohai Bank assets have exceeded 1.56 trillion

Bohai News Party Construction leads the high quality development Bohai Bank assets Breakthrough trillions 2021-10-11 October 9, "Right Speech, General Secretary, General Secretary of Tianjin City, held in the national government party, held in the national state-owned corporate party, held in the national state-owned corporate party building". Spirit, with high-quality party construction leading Tianjin State Enterprise High Quality Development "Special press conference, Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as" Bohai Bank ") Party Secretary, Chairman, Chairman, Chairman, as a representative of Tianjin, a state-owned enterprise, introduced Bohai Bank keeps in mind the general secretary, leading high quality development with high quality party building, actively supports the relevant situation of the entity economy and develops pragmatic finance. Li Zhan said at the press conference that the Bohai Bank always puts the political function of the comprehensive strengthening state-owned corporate party in more prominent position, and the "party building" and "party are" writing into the company charter, adhere to "two-way entry , Cross-serving, actively build "1 + 3" rights and responsible mechanism system, and effectively adhere to the party’s leadership, strengthen the party’s construction and legal governance structure, and ensure that the leadership of the head office in corporate governance is more prominent.

In 268 branches across the country, Bohai Bank has 33 party committees, 28 parties, 390 Party branches. The 4857 party members in the whole line firmly continued to create a "Bank of Belief".

  Under the leadership of high quality party construction, the current Bohai Bank realized the synergy of "scale, efficiency, quality". In the 2021 mid-term results announced not long ago, the main business scale indicators of Bohai Bank continue to grow rapidly, total assets reached RMB trillion, increased from the end of the previous year; the deposit and loan scale maintained rapid growth, asset quality Continuous and stable; the credit business structure continues to optimize, as of the end of June 2021, the total manufacturing industry and the preferential small micro-loan balance increased, fully completed the service goal of manufacturing, preferential small and micro enterprises; The credit remaining billion yuan, which increases from the end of the previous year.

The profitability is stable, and the return of the return is RMB 100 million, which has increased year-on-year.

Up to now, the Bohai Bank has established 34 first-class branches, 31 secondary branches, 171 branches, 32 communities, and the total number of outlets reached 268, with radiant network advantages.

  At the same time, as the drain soldiers of my country’s financial industry digital transformation, Bohai Bank firmly establishes innovative thinking, orderly layout and built financial technology, and constructs financial technology-driven finance Significant results in technology capabilities and achieve significant results in the construction of open banks.

With account management, payment settlement, financial product service as the starting, with customers, live guests, with financial capacity integration into highlight advantages, Bohai Bank teaches core technology such as API, SDK, and integrated artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies The successful implementation of "no sense of financial" in various fields of entity economies, breaking the banking service threshold and barriers, broadens the ecological boundary. Since this year, Bohai Bank actively explores the intelligence bank, corporate financial services, financial intelligence, small micro enterprise cloud service, industrial financial science and technology innovation, and gradually expand the industrial Internet ecotropic circle. Bohai Bank will steadily stabilize the blueprint planned by ’14th Five’ Plan, expand new business sectors, build new competitive advantages, hard work, shaping agile and temperate banks, focusing on the ‘best experience Modern Turbanist’ strategy The vision is constantly moving.