A exploration of the construction of the central government party building: micro-moving is also a lighting light

Anime micro Parties are currently new forms of party class education, compared to traditional party class "path microphones" model, the anime form gives new ideas for party class. As one of the world’s top 500 companies, China Construction Group has always been the national architectural drain soldiers, leaders and theoretical bones.

For this reason, implement the spirit of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, indicate the future and direction for solid party building work. China Construction Five Council, Northwest Company, recently launched a series of micro-party classes, and strive to turn the party class into a rich content and far-reaching "screening room", using popularity, warning types, and current three types of animation micro-party classes, add new vitality to the company’s party building work .

I. Popularization of anime micro-party courses – Qiang Kugang this micro-party course focuses on improving the reserves of party members’ basic knowledge, and is difficult to do the memory of the knowledge. For party members comrades, there are many basic knowledge that need to be mechanical memory, such as party history, party nature, tenet, the pioneering model of party members and cadres should be reflected in the new era.

Such micro-party classes start from these most basic content, through digital media, construct a continuous learning atmosphere, create new forms of learning, and build a new platform.

Through the study of the basic knowledge of the party, the company’s party members or proposed into the party comrades must further identify the principles of Marxist political parties must adhere to the company’s party organizations and party members and cadres at all levels. For example, "Two Learning One Do" micro-party classes, the central government’s related requirements for "two students to do" education activities are specific, from "What are the learning, what to do", and clearly list the contents of learning, and do the norms; At the same time, according to the relevant requirements of the company on "two learning," "Zhongjian", "China Construction Creation", etc., to carry out a solid foundation for the company’s party construction activities and party organizations at all levels. Second, the warning anime micro-party class – Three provinces’ police display micro-party courses are in terms of regulation of party members, and improve the pureness of party members.

In recent years, Xiao Jian, deputy secretary of the party general branch of the Northwest Company, has been going to the local projects to launch integrity warning education. Sign the new project team signed a clean and integrity responsibility book and the exchange book, high pressure, all-round, and three-dimensional projects. The branch is building a thoughts. On the other hand, use the micro-party class as auxiliary form, use a fresh case, in-depth interpretation of the relevant provisions on anti-corrosion, promoting integrity, and clear the reward and punishment measures, often thinking about greed.

For example, in the "New Regulations on Digital Interpretation" with the newly revised "China Communist Party Disciplinary Ordinance", the eight highlights summed up by the People’s Network, compare the regulations before and after the revision, add new, tight pipe , Heavy emphasis, the content of strict punishment is listed, so that the party members have firmly establish political awareness, overall consciousness, core consciousness, and assist in promoting comprehensive from stricting party and party management enterprises, from strict governance enterprises.

Third, the current event anime micro-party class – learn to use this kind of micro-party class with the latest important conferences in the center of the Central Committee, the relevant important activities are reported as the learning content, focusing on keeping up with the central work ideas, understanding the latest developments of the country, master each The spirit of the item file. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party pointed out that socialism with Chinese characteristics entered a new era, which is a new historical orientation of my country’s development.

Since the 18th National Congress, the central government has put forward a new series of new ideas new ideas, introducing a series of major policy policies, launching a series of major initiatives, all of which have put forward higher standards and strongest requirements for party members comrades.

Such micro-party classes are an important way to conduct "two schools and one" education activities, and have a major educational significance to study the politics of business employees. For example, in the "China-Non Cooperation Forum Beijing Summit" micro-party classes, the summit of the September 2018, focusing on the evolution and development of the China-African Cooperation Forum, the theme of the summit, helping party members to learn about China-Africa cooperation The important status of non-relational in the forum.

The party class is an important part of the "three sessions" and is an important field of company’s party building work.

Organizing the effective party class is the necessary link to implement the institutionalization of "two students to do" learning education activities. Through strict selection, fine, and let’s talk, the new media channels will be used to carry out the education of party members, and meet the trend of new era, and constantly improve the informationization and scientific level of party members education.

(Zhao Heng).