Soon,Wei Xiaoxing dragged a ghost knife,Came to the training ground。

Seeing Teacher Lu wants to teach Hebu knife,The other students all turned their attention here involuntarily。
“Have you used a knife before?”Lu Menglin asked。
He Bu shook his head,A blank look。
“it is good!You watch my movements,Look carefully。”Lu Menglin raised his hand,Take the Guitou Knife from Wei Xiaoxing,Drag the knife slowly,Drew a half arc in midair。
His movements are very slow,very slow,It doesn’t seem to be any outstanding,It’s like an old man in the park playing Tai Chi。
The students present were all confused,Unknown so,Wei Xiaoxing can’t help but laugh,Laugh out loud。
“do you understand?”Lu Menglin asked。
He Bu shook his head,Answered honestly:“do not understand。”
Lu Menglin threw the ghost knife in his hand to He Bu,Sternly:“Follow the action I just did,3,000 swings。”
“???”The students around are all dumbfounded,What operation?Isn’t this intentional?
He Bu took the knife,Nodded seriously,Then I started to learn the movements of Lu Menglin,Swinging the knife over and over again。
This little dwarf is obviously a solid eye,Saying to wave your hand is really to wave a knife sharply,Complete Lu Menglin’s movements meticulously just now,Without a slight discount。
Swing the knife over and over again,Practice from noon to evening,Practice from evening to late night,Until there is no one on the playground,He Bu is still swinging his knife。
The ground under his feet was soaked with sweat,Needless to say the clothes on the body,Already soaked,These three thousand swings,Every knife is done strictly in accordance with Lu Menglin’s movements,Squeeze out every part of He Bu’s body,And the tenacity in him,Also breathtaking。
“He Bu,Are you stupid!Teacher Lu went back to sleep!You are still practicing this game?”It’s midnight,Wei Xiaoxing came to the playground,Seeing He Bu was still practicing,Can’t help shaking his head and sighing。
He Bu ignores him,Still swinging the knife slowly,Draw a half arc in midair,His look focused,Move slowly and forcefully,Every action is coherent,Even the strength used is average。
Because he knows,I have to divide my physical strength evenly,otherwise,Just get discouraged,It’s likely to fall to the ground,It’s impossible to complete these three thousand knives。