Especially after learning from Wang Yufei that Xiaozhi ran stably for more than three hours,Even more excited。

If it’s not because the visa hasn’t been processed yet,I’m afraid he might buy the day’s ticket and rush to China。
As Wang Yufei judged before,For John·For a pure scientist like Martinis,Nothing is more important than a breakthrough in the technology he has studied for a lifetime。
if so,It must be that this guy suddenly became interested in other subjects。For example, a mathematician changed his career and began to study physics,The physicist changed his career and began to study theology,Anyway, you have to study something to make people comfortable。
As for the others,Such as Tim·Cook,Bill·Gates,Intel President Stephen and more,These big guys who have had a relationship with Wang Yufei basically called to ask about the situation.。
no way,Can’t help but treat them with care。
The sky is about to change。
Silicon Valley has been difficult this year,If this Huaxia company can really make a universal quantum computer first,The future of Silicon Valley will be more difficult。
Of course, Wang Yufei is also telling the truth about these competitors。
“Hello,Mr. Gates。”
“Thank you very much for your attention。”
“Yes,You guessed it right,These Mersenne prime numbers are calculated and verified by our quantum computer,But now Xiaozhi can’t maintain long time calculations,currently200Minutes or so is the limit,There are still too many problems to solve。”
“no,In fact, two hundred minutes is only an estimated value in the most ideal state。In fact, the current longest running time is only182minute。These five Mersenne prime numbers are running182Found and checked。”
“Ok?This is nothing to celebrate, right?It can only run continuously for less than a day, really ashamed。We look forward to the long-term operation of our quantum computer in a year,I believe there will be many places where we can cooperate。”
“Uh uh,Goodbye!”